My Flower Garden

I've had quite a few people as me to share a photo of my "sanctuary" on the patio and instead I decided to do a video.
I consider us rather low on the income ratio, but I try hard to make are very small home a pleasant place to reside.  At least it is the same for me.

For those interested, I found some videos from previous years.

May 2013, two years ago already!  Still yet, we had a canopy rather than a patio roof.

July 2011


Shonna Bucaroff said…
Awesome!!! I wish I knew how to take care of plants and flowers and not kill them. :) Thanks for sharing.
Diane said…
love your sanctuary, and how all of your things are special to you. thanks for sharing your tour with us!
anitab said…
Thank you for sharing these videos! Great tour of a beautiful & inviting refuge!
Jessal said…
Thank you for having me over for a "visit"!
Hummie B said…
Awww! Thanks for visiting! Nice to meet you Jessal.

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