NEW Scraplift #26 - AMarie's layout ideas - Playing with shapes

Hi all!
Here I am with a new idea for you to do a wonderful scrapbooking layout.
Look at this page from Kelly M.
It's all about the title which is the challenge item.
The photographs are a little bit too small in my mind, but I love the way she built her page around the circle shapes.
Observe : the first one for the journaling, the second one for the photos, the third one for title and element. Transparency gives the whole a well balanced feeling.
In the title, I love she used a patterned paper for one of the letters.
The disposition is clear and simple, with a subtle white space.
What about scraplift? I know you can take some excellent ideas from this cheerful page.

This is Scraplift #26.  I invite you to do all of the Scraplift Challenges.  
For those who are not inspired, I did a template.  It will be available soon, from May 15th, on the DigiHOP.
Also a free minikit will be available there, and other things as freebies, so do not hesitate to have a look. The color palette is soft and pleasant for May, isn't it?

BTW, here is my layout using both :)
I wish you'll have fun and...  just scrap.


Have a great scrappy May!



Maggie Adair said…
Awesome, Anne-Marie, can't wait for the template to be available. Love the DigiHOP colours here
Hummie B said…
Beautiful Anne-Marie! What a great sneak peak of what you created for the DigiHop. I need to get to creating something (small so as to not overwhelm myself, maybe make it a UseIt) for the DigiHop.

I love your inspiration! I want to scrap it. Should it be the next scraplift? What number would that be? You are great at finding cool layouts to scraplift.
AMarie T said…
Thanks ! I just wanted to invite people to look at the DigiHOP, and scrap, so this could be the next scraplift, but not necessarily. If you want to, it would be the 26th.

Hummie B said…
I like that you are sharing the DigiHop. You right so well, even though English is not your first language. Yes, I can put it up as 26. We can change the title of this post to reflect that (it changes the url so to change the title before I share the post) and I can try to get it up on the guide page later.
Jody Taylor said…
I tried to download this but is there a way that it can be done without using a Facebook account of something like that.. I cant see how.
Hummie B said…
Jody, this DigiHop does not officially start until tomorrow.

People can choose to put their freebies whereever they want. However, Facebook no longer allows apps to require a like to download. I just saw one today and there was a link to "skip" instead of like and continue. So you do not even have to be logged in to get the freebies from Facebook.
AMarie T said…
Jody, see the comments on the DigiHOP, I shared to Jemima some other links to my parts.
Jody Taylor said…
Duh! I didn't even notice what date it was. something I never seem to have in my head.. I am flatout remembering what day it is..


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