Twitter Round-up | April Week 4

Apr 22 My favorite flower for color is blooming- Wild Sweet William

Apr 22 Yeah! I am administratively professional today! #secretariesday #AdministrativeProfessionalsWeek

Apr 22 Aww!!! Thanks for the thanks!

Apr 22 Love freshly mulched flower beds!

Apr 22 Frost Advisory for Cape Girardeau from 2:00 AM Thu until 8:00 AM Thu (CDT)

Apr 22 oh no! My Great Aunt Jeanette (the oldest living on my Dad's side of the family) passed away Tuesday evening. 6 family passing in 5 1/2 months!

Apr 23 I don't want to get out from under the covers!

Apr 23 Last weekend I saw a snowball bush at E Rodney & W Rodney; see it every year; as the saying goes, last cold snap always when it blooms.

Apr 23 I like the new interface of the "trends" block on Twitter; it shows a snippet of what the story is about now (like FB)

Apr 23 Hallelujah! A handyman gave us a temporary fix for our window problem. I'll be a little warmer tonight!

Apr 25 We just passed Jo mamas hill top tavern in Grubville! lol (on way to funeral)

Apr 25 Aunt Jeanette's favorite psalm was 121.

Apr 26 Hubby named the weed/ornamental-grass-maybe that he's digging up Leroy. I have no idea why he chose Leroy. lol

Apr 27 I wore garden gloves while weeding and mulching last evening and my fingernails are still caked with dirt. Ack.

Apr 27 It's Monday and I'm looking forward to next weekend. Can I get an Oh, Yes! to those temps & sunshine?

Apr 27 Hubby's @oldguycomedy 's helper while getting dirt. What kind of bird is this cool thing? (answer, Killdeer)

Apr 27 People of Nepal are grateful to have their lives; People of Baltimore destroy everything they have; a messed up world

Apr 28 Seriously? You want our business when you return our phone call after 10 days & at 7:30 a.m.? What is up with this world?

Apr 28 I do not like Chrome's new bookmarks; I cannot organize them into folders easily; frustrated

Apr 29 I hear baby birds in the birdhouse on the patio. So sweet.

Apr 29 That moment when you know you are rewatching the episode you watched a week ago, but cannot remember how it ends.


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