Twitter Round-up | May Week 1

May 1 Happy May 1! Whoo hooo! Am I supposed to dance around a May pole today? Gotta find one. & some flowers

May 3 A big tree part fell really close to the patio where I was standing and right after neighbor mowed there. Whew. Timing! Broke their fence &

May 3 Cont. Landed on their patio fence and boomeranged the wood right on top of our patio roof! & . . .

May 3 & one of the fence top balls landed in a pocket of our patio curtains! Wow! Just 2 feet from me! Amazing!

May 3 Oh my! This fresh lemonade is soooo good after working in yard all day! Never buying mixes again!

May 3 Today's weather was one of those "perfect weather days." I don't want it to end and Monday work to begin! Got a lot of yard work done

May 4 It is 79° outside & 79° inside. If it gets much warmer inside, like 85°, I'm going to have to turn on air. Why always go from furnace to air

May 5 58° outside, 73° inside at 7 am. This house needs better ventilation. That is even with a fan running.

May 5 Cardinal eggs; cardinals in the middle fern.

May 5 House finch, bird with red neck male, in other fern

May 5 So, 3 birds on one side patio; wren in birdhouse; Cardinal/speckled eggs in fern; & House Finch w/blue - fern; I keep thinking how wonderful the unity for them to live so close.

May 5 Made some super yummy tender Mexican flavored chicken for tacos #CincoDeMayo

May 5 Negative people will always try to drag you down to their level. Love them but rise above them!

May 6 I spied my first hummingbird!

May 7 Statistically speaking 1 in 7 dwarfs are Happy! Thought you should know. #Happy #Dwarfs #7dwarfs

May 7 Lol a note from hubby "trash, treasure, or painted firewood?" Made me laugh. All this work! Messed up! Can I save it

May 7 So done!! I've got paint all over me! My hair! Broken nails!

May 7 Somebody better come on over here and officially bless this table if we are ever gonna really use it because it's nothing but grrr to me now

May 7 I repurposed an olive jar with washi tape and flowers from yard. Took 5 min. Now I need another TV watching project.


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