Twitter Round-up | May Week 2 +

May 8 Oh the surprise notes hubby leaves me that makes me laugh out loud.

May 9 Even the baby birds stop chirping for breakfast when to listen in quiet to the relaxing sound of rain. #SatMorningSleepIn #CuddlingMyDog

May 10 My beautiful flower bed 'a bloom'n. #flowers #spring I've got many more.

May 10 Mother's Day margarita on the patio waiting for the guys to get back with meal.

May 10 There's just something about sitting on the patio in hard rain with hubby and dogs in quiet. #feelingGodPresence

May 10 So blessed to sit out the storm for over an hour on the patio. #NewPerspectives Not so scary as inside.

May 10 Still art. #eyeOfBeholder

May 12 Today & tomorrow are going to be one of those perfect weather days where I will regret I did not take a vacation day and relax at home.

May 14 My rose bush is gorgeous this year. It's just getting started blooming too.

May 15 The baby Cardinals all died. Sad how the world works. We wonder why they died.

May 15 Remember I am in a "white kick," this was my Grandparents and black. So pretty now in white.

May 15 My brother, on the bike, taken on a race against a car. #Daredevil #InTheGenes

May 16 Today's tea brought to you by blackberry mint simple syrup, homemade yum.

May 16 I made fresh mango strawberry water today. Soooo yummy!

May 16 The crickets sure are noisy tonight and it is not even summer yet.

May 17 Nighttime and morning sounds make my own bedroom feel like camping-Longest streak without air conditioning that I ever remember #feelsogood

May 17 Happy grace-infused day!

May 23 This is how every Sunday afternoon should be spent.

May 23 I am loving all the luscious green grass and trees against the beautiful blue sky backdrop. God sure does know how to match colors. My fave.

May 23 We sanded & painted polyurethane on half the guest bedroom floor. Long overdue project. Only hour. Why procrastinate?

May 23 Making strawberry rosemary simple syrup. Filling the house with gorgeous scents. Shall be awesome in tea or lemonade

May 23 Joy is found in the little things. Like fresh strawberries and powdered sugar. Ahhh

May 23 Two-thirds of Retro Room floor sanded and polyurethaned-- doing it while we can still have windows opened.


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