Wedding Shoes Layout - 29 Years Later - It Ain't Happening

wedding shoes
I made this layout with a freebie from Studio 4 Designsworks for a challenge at Digital Scrapbooking Studio.  When I took out my wedding shoes while putting the cedar chest back in place after having moved it to refinish the floors, I started to put them on and grabbed my iPhone and hubby exclaimed, "I knew it!"  lol  Am I that predictable?  Anyway, it is nice to "just scrap" and enjoy the artistic process, as always.


Tammy said…
I'm predictable like that, too... ;)
Maggie Adair said…
Love it. I only have my wedding veil & ribbon. Maybe I should scrap them?
Tara D said…
I love this! So cool to still have things like that. I had a house fire years ago and do not have anything like that anymore, so I love to see what treasures people do still have :)
Hummie B said…
Yes, Maggie! Put them on and let's see that layout!

Tara, so sorry to hear about your house fire. I cannot imagine.

I still have my wedding dress. It's all packaged up in the bottom of the cedar chest. I know I could not fit in it! I'm afraid to take it out as I would never get it packaged up the same for safe keeping. Who knows, maybe it is not in good condition either. Do I dare?

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