Adding Youtube Subscriptions to Feedly (New Method!)

I am ONE HAPPY CAMPER again!  Ever since the old method of adding your Youtube subscriptions to Feedly stopped working, I have really missed seeing my new Youtube video channels.  I tried it from within Youtube and it just does not work the same.  It gives you a mass look and after you look at them, it does not keep track of which ones are "read" and which ones you haven't reviewed yet.  To actually do that, you have to click and actually view the video.  I do not always do that.  I sometimes scroll past ones I am not interested in.

P.S.  I also read that Youtube has removed "collections" for subscriptions, which were basically folders by topic as an organization method.  Sure enough, all that hard work I did organizing is gone.  However, as long as I can read through Feedly, I'm good!


Here is the new method.  Of course, you have to first subscribe to some video channels.  If you haven't yet, subscribe to mine, please.

The go to and scroll to the bottom.  Click on "Export Subscriptions" and it will download an opml file.

In Feedly, on the bottom right, click on "organize."

Click on "import OPML." 

Click on "Choose File" and choose your downloaded file from Youtube.  Then click "Import."  For mine, since I have a lot of subscriptions, it did take a few minutes to upload.

It will add your subscriptions to it's own "Youtube Subscriptions" folder on Feedly.  Cool, huh?


The problem with this method vs. the old method is that if you subscribe to something new, a new channel, on Youtube, it does not automatically get added to Feedly, as it did before.  So, if you add another subscription to Youtube, take a moment to add it individually to Feedly.  Likewise, if you remove a subscription from Youtube, remove it from Feedly.

Highlight the url address of the individual channel you want to add to Feedly.  Copy (control c).

In Feedly, click "Add Content."

Then paste (control v) into the block and hit the enter key.

Click the plus sign on the Feed and then on the left hand side of your screen, choose which Feedly folder you want to add your subscription to (the "Youtube Subscription" one, in this case)


Tammy said…
Thanks for posting this. :)
Michael said…
Thanks, I just got bored of browsing through this useless Youtube subscriptions page ! You saved my day.
Hummie B said…
Michael! Thanks for taking time to post. I'm so glad you found this post and it was helpful. Makes my day to read that.

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