AMarie's layout ideas ~ Playing with colors

Hey all! June is in its middle, and there are so few layouts in the linky... where are you, scrappers?
Do you need inspiration? You can visit the June DigiHop and grab some marvellous freebies. You can visit the FlickR gallery and pick up ideas in the beautiful layouts uploaded there.

You can also have a look at this page by Saar from SSD gallery :

I love the concept of '2 in 1' in the layout, dividing the page in two parts with two different colors. She made two monochromatic pages in one! That is a fabulous idea, right ?
I challenge YOU to do a  '2 in1' beautiful page. You can divide your page as you want, vertically or horizontally, with an angle or following the diagonal....

All you have to do is to choose 2 matched colors, and to play with them, each in its part. Match the photos, too ! Go on ! You can do it for sure!
Here is mine as a sample.
But, first of all... enjoy !
Have a great day!


Hummie B said…
Thank you SO much for this! I appreciate you jumping in to give some inspiration during my downtrodden times. I love this challenge too and cannot wait to get my laptop back up and time to start scrapping again. I suppose this should be the next scraplift, huh? I think so!
MiniCooper452 said…
This is great. Might have to make time to try it. I've LOST my laptop too! ARGH! May be irreplaceable, but at least all important data, images, etc. are on the EHD and Backblaze. Will find out "damages" today or tomorrow. SCARY! Using hubby's laptop to get by and it is no fun!

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