Genesis 1:27-28 Digital Bible Journaling Created in God's Image

Here is my Digital Bible journaling layout for the HKC Take Me Deeper June week 1 and the Digital Faith Art challenge to use my Fun Extras 147 layout tips video as inspiration.

I used one paper for this layout and shapes!  Yep!  That's the inspiration you can learn in the layout tips video and I was reminded how much I love this minimalist style.  Every part of my layout is just a shape cut from the background with a blend mode and shadow layer style applied.  It makes it so artistic yummy to my eyes.

June's Take Me Deeper theme is family and I'm actually a bit afraid of the theme, but will be brave and take two steps forward each week.

This week's devotion is on the family theme of husband and wife, as well as our relationship with God.

After I did the study and was about done, I found in my own OneNotes from when I previously studied this text some interesting incite that I added to the layout.  I want to expand on it a bit.

Quoting myself, just a small part, "We should always see other living creatures as a blessing. How often do we see them as an annoyance or bother? We should always looked at them with thanksgiving. Yes, this is hard when those rabbits eat my flower garden! Or when those pesky squirrels de-stuff my yard furniture cushions. Or when those birds poop all over my car and everything in my yard."

Oh goodness!  Was that what I needed to read today!

I had already written the list on my page of the ways in this verse God blesses me:  His presence, marriage & children, earth, animals, relationships, and family.  Then I read my previous writing and reflected on each of these things in my list.  Yes, my husband annoys me sometimes.  Oh wait, I should look at him as the blessing he is instead!  Yes, my children bother me and hurt my feelings.  Oh wait, I should see them as the blessings they are instead!  Yes, the earth annoys me sometimes when it rains too much or tornado warnings scare or it is too cold or too hot and not that perfect day.  Oh wait, I should find all these things a blessing in disguise!

It is "Day 6" creation reflection today which has brought me to a realization that I am always in need of an "attitude check."

I invite you to read my Bible journaling layout for more thoughts and things to think on as there were many today.

Have a happy blessed day!


Deborah Baker said…
Thank you for sharing Hummie. I have to say I can completely identify with the "fear" of the theme. I haven't yet taken the steps forward. I appreciate you sharing your insight.
Tricia Berg said…
Great blog post! I'm curious why the topic makes you and Deborah nervous? I love the imagery of God causing Adam to sleep and making Eve from his rib. It brings to mind how Jesus (the last Adam) died for us to free us from the sin which began with the first Adam, was pierced in the side while "asleep" (dead) and the Church will be His bride (taken from His body, like the first Adam's). No one comes to the Son except if the Father calls them, just as God formed Eve for Adam. God brought Eve to Adam, just as we will go to be with Jesus. Just beautiful!
anitab said…
Beautiful layout (I love that you did it with one paper!), and just thoughts on this subject that I needed to hear! I don't know why it seems amazing when God provides what we need at just the right time. He is so good to us.
Hummie B said…
Tricia, for me, the fear of the theme "family" is in that so many in my family have rejected me. I am afraid the relationship theme will go down a road I do not want to address. For this one, with my husband, I am okay, but what will come next?
Tricia Berg said…
Oh, I'm sorry. Our family has some issues as well and I'm sure most do. Just remember that Jesus was rejected by His brethren and that was yet another thing He suffered out of His love for us. If they hadn't rejected Him, salvation would not have come to the Gentiles. So He knows how you feel and can make good come out of even that, just as He did with His own rejection. You're awesome and don't need anyone else's approval but God's--and He already set His Seal on you. :) {{Hugs}}
Hummie B said…
Amen! Well said Tricia!

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