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Happy Week 3 of June! Spend it well!


Dawn said…

First of all..... I SCRAPPED!!!!!

I'm trying to add it to the linky, but when I paste the link and then click off to the side, it says no image available, and under the description, it says "Flickr - Photo Sharing!" instead of my title. And there is no icon. I went to the help section, and did as it said on step 7: "Be sure there is a thumbnail image to the right. If it is the wrong one, or there is not one, review the options under image source and click the "select" button under the thumbnail you wish to use'

I pasted the image url there, and it said "not a valid image url"

Now... I know I haven't been around much lately, but surely the steps to using linky haven't changed?

Anyway, for now, until I can get this figured out, my layout is here:
AMarie T said…
I did it for you, Dawn. Glad you're back to scrapping!
AMarie T said…
It is not working from the link code they give you. You do have to use the address in the address bar.
Hummie B said…
I've been on a long weekend vacation. My laptop has been out of commission. I'm limited what I can do. Stinks.
Dawn said…
Thank you AMarie!! I wasn't aware of that. I will be sure to do it that way next time. :)

I'm home from dog sitting. Now I have to put away stuff and do laundry. Blah. Does someone want to volunteer to do it for me? LOL!

Hummie, computer problems are a pain! I hope it isn't anything too serious and you can get back online "limitless" soon!
Hummie B said…
Yes, I pray God restores my world to normalcy today.

I am thankful for my old laptop and I did do a bit on it today, but the space bar does not always space and I have to backspace a lot and I have spent a lot of time updating it instead of using it. I did manage to pay some bills this morning and I downloaded Adobe Creative Cloud app. I kept getting messages that my Photoshop and Dreamweaver needed updating, but I could not find that Adobe Manager app to update them. I think it's going now.

My car is in the different shop this morning and he did feel/hear the problem, but will get back to us with what is wrong with it. I hope this shop can fix it without much cost.

My laptop, as far as I know, has set at the repair shop since Friday. They are fixing things in order of first come, apparently. It stinks that it is just setting there. I hope they get to it today.

I had a great weekend away with hubby, but have a lot of blogging to do to catch up. I have other things to do too, but I don't think anything is getting much done until I get my laptop back.
Hummie B said…
So the laptop is getting a new hard drive and windows installed again. I'll have to do the updates and reinstall all my programs, but at least it is getting worked on today.
AMarie T said…
Good news!
Hummie B said…
I've got my laptop and I'm back online at least, and updates are done and I have my security program installed, and my backup almost put back, but I still have a lot of programs and other set up to do to be top ready, but it's progress.

My car story is another ordeal. It brought me to tears today.
Hummie B said…
I've been doing a lot of blogging, catching up. I don't think anyone reads them and I'm thinking it might even make people move away from my blog, but I cannot worry about everything.

I'm feeling almost restored to normalcy and I'm not sure if I can get energy up to scrap and where to start or if I should do other needed stuff, like all the paperwork about my house.
Tara D said…
I think it is in the air right now, Hummie. I know I get overwhelmed with all the "want to do", "should do" and "need to do" things and sometimes can't figure out or find the energy to start :) I do enjoy the blog posts although I don't comment regularly. I generally read them on my phone and it is too hard to comment and I can't click the "I liked" buttons most of the time from my phone either, but I am still reading :) I finally got a chance to work on a lesson last night and tried to put it on the linky. Hopefully it worked this time :)
Dawn said…
Oh my word, my life is about to get crazy again!!!

I'm leaving to dog sit (someone else) on Saturday morning, and I'm there till Tuesday. Then, the next Saturday, I leave to dog sit AGAIN... this time for a family I don't know. I just met them yesterday, and they are neighbors of friends from church.

THEN.... Cindy just called me. THEY GOT A HOUSE!!! The closing is on the 8th, and they need me to help with the kids while the move and cleaning takes place, so she just booked my flights. I'm there July 10th-27th.

THEN.... I'm home for a week, but then it's back to FLORIDA!! National Fine Arts competition for our youth, and it happens to be taking place only 20 minutes from where Frank and Cindy live, so I'll be staying with them again.

I've hardly been home in June, and now I'll be gone most of July and the first week of August! Why am I paying rent for an apartment?? hahaha

Oy. My brain hurts.
Hummie B said…
Tara, I know what you mean. I think we are all in the same boat with being overwhelmed. I'm glad to know you are reading. I need to read some more of your blog. It's been on my mind. I was catching up on some others and commenting yesterday.

I do have some buttons under each post for liking, but I'm not sure what they look like on the phones. They might not be there. It is hard to read from phones.

I scrapped some this morning for the With Love competition, but not done yet.

Dawn, how awesome that you get to go back to Florida! I'm amazed they haven't found a sitter in Florida yet though. For someone on disability, you sure do get to travel a lot more than we do. I'm always amazed at all you get to do while we are stuck paying for repairs and fixing up our house and stuff.

We do have a week long vacation planned around my birthday. It's a special birthday so I'm planning on disappearing. But our only expenses are going to be gas and camping fees because we cannot even afford that, but we are just doing it anyway.
Hummie B said…
P.S. Dawn, I know you don't read my blog anymore, so maybe you'll see this. Did you know hubby did his annual get in the water at a winery thing last weekend? You were here for the first. I need to make a list of them each year in a layout.
AMarie T said…
Happy Father's Day!
Dawn said…
Hummie, this was all them, not me. I am not paying for this trip to Florida. They want ME because the kids are comfortable with me, and it's not that they haven't found a sitter in Florida, they just know that they can leave the kids with me while they do all this moving. It has NOTHING to do with the fact that I am on disability, and the fact that you threw that in my face frankly upsets me. I am doing this dogsitting so that I can afford to go with the students to Fine Arts, and chose to stay with my friends again so that I can save on hotel expenses. We are driving there and flying back (I think... not set in stone yet).

Anyway... maybe you didn't mean it in the way that I read it. You know what I say about emotions behind typed words, so I apologize if my reaction upsets you.

And yes, I have been busy, and don't often get computer time, but when I do get on the computer, I try to get on your blog and catch up. I did see that post... in fact just before reading this post, so I commented already. :) Ahhhh good memories!
Hummie B said…
Goodness, yes, you took that personally.
I think you read a blog post, but not the one I mentioned.
It's okay. I don't expect anyone to be reading. Just blessed if they do.
I am journaling in blogging to preserve memories because I cannot seem to find time to do the layouts.
Dawn said…
Hey, at least you're journaling! That's more than I can say for me. :(
Hummie B said…
It's been a difficult self-commitment. I have to give up other things because I cannot do it all.
Maybe you can start using your blog more soon.
Dawn said…
I've been thinking about that lately. I'm spending money every year keeping that site up and don't use it.
Hummie B said…
Blogger is free though. So isn't it just the $10 domain name? Just let that go and use the blogger url.
Dawn said…
Yes, I should do that. Now to remember the username and password for godaddy! lol!

I did post a test post from my ipad last night just to see if it worked. I think it did.
Hummie B said…
They keep billing me for DigiscrapMap too and I've tried to log in and delete it and I hope successfully this time. I forgot where I found the username and password. It was somewhere in lots of google searches. I had to find the user name and then create a password. It was stupid.

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