Chatter & Layouts May 31 - June 6

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Happy June! Leave a comment and share what your plans are for this month.


Hummie B said…
Happy Monday
Happy Week
Happy June!

Do you have plans for this month?
Tara D said…
Happy June! My initial plan for this month is to get over this head cold! :)
Hummie B said…
Uggg! A head cold in Spring/Summer is never good! Better in winter when you don't feel like doing anything anyway. Get well fast!
anitab said…
Happy June! We have several family get-togethers planned this month (including a weekend camping trip); we are also planning a trip to So. Oregon to spend time with my Daddy, and help with some projects; in between, my plan is to try to weed & work in my yard - and begin a 'movement' plan that I hope will help my scoliosis. Why do I always try to do so much??? What I WANT to do is scrap and write up family history discoveries I've made. Someday???
Hummie B said…
Anita, with that schedule, I don't see how you'll have time to scrap either! I'm sorry to read you have scoliosis and I hope your moving more will help that. Spending time with your Dad is important too. I say the same thing, some day I will be able to work on this other stuff more. But ever since we started this empty nester fix up the house thing and ever since I started moving things to close the forum (almost two years now for both), my time has been limited. But I think I'm nearly done with both tasks, thankfully. Hubby and I keep saying each weekend, "we could just be dusting and mopping and relaxing all day, but instead we are doing all this!"
Bev said…
Tara - I feel your pain, although mine is about done (I hope!).

Some painting and other To Do items for the house. As for scrapping: finish my 2014 albums, finish my son's graduation album, and start & finish his Eagle Scout album (that one has a hard deadline of Aug 1).
Hummie B said…
Bev, what is the deadline for the Eagle Scout album? A ceremony to lay it out? I have three Eagle scouts. I cannot remember if I ever finished the book I started for them or not! It sounds like you've had a busy year too.
Bev said…
I want to have a scrapbook of his Boy Scout career to display at his Eagle Scout ceremony. The ceremony is Aug 16, so I need to have it done in time to get it printed. I probably should set the deadline to earlier!!

My first chore is to see if I can round up some pictures. A challenge since I was not along on the trips. :)
Jody Taylor said…
what happened to the 'where you live' book you were creating Hummie? did I miss it?
Dawn said…
Got a phone call from my Dr. The CT results came back. I don't have calcium deposits as he had feared, but the pneumonia is still in my system!! So... I started Augmentin yesterday and will be on that for 15 days. Sigh. I will be glad when this is all over!!

I'm getting ready to dog sit soon. I leave on Saturday and will be away from home for a week and a half. There are 2 small dogs. A Yorkie named Oscar, and a miniature poodle named Dodo. Dodo has a bit of... well... an identity crisis! She thinks she is a cat!! She can climb and jump the fence outside, and she can get on the roof of the house. I told my friend Jodi that I will be sure to walk them out on their leashes for them to do their business. I am not about to chase a dog!! No way!!

I'm at work, but I set my computer up to transfer my scrapbooking stuff and photos onto my laptop so that I can get some scrapping done next week. I'll also be working at the office, but I need some time for ME, too!!
Hummie B said…
Jody, you did not miss it. I've told myself a 100 times to get it done. I'm sorry. I keep failing.

Dawn, I bet you'll have fun dog sitting. Maybe you will get bored enough to do that scrapbooking as you indicated. I hope you feel better soon.

I'm not saying "me time" anymore as I've blogged a few times. I'm doing "being time!" I still want to do that layout.
Tammy said…
Weekend trip for my man and I for my niece's graduation. A baby shower. And that's all I know of so far.
Jody Taylor said…
Not a problem Hummie, I just thought I missed it..

I will be out of internet range for about a week coming up.. I really miss my internet. Feel like my arms have been cut off when I cant get on. Is that sad or what? But we will be travelling in non reception areas from Saturday for a few day.
Hummie B said…
I know what you mean about being cut off from the internet, Jody. It is sad, but then again not. It is the way of our life. I've got the book on the desktop right now and I'm working on it this morning.

It's good to see you still around on the blog. I hadn't seen you post in a while. Glad life is okay for you.

Tammy, a graduation and baby shower is enough! Or would be for me.

We are planning a camping trip this month with the dogs and one next month, a little longer, without the dogs. We are poor, so we are going gypsy style.
Hummie B said…
TGIF! So glad for it with my busy life right now and the house stuff as I've been blogging.

This morning, I've got AMarie's template in my photoshop, but that's all the further I got. I have to think of what photos to use, but I've got to get ready for work.

There are only two layouts so far in the linky! Last month it was so full my screen wouldn't load! Ah! Everyone must be busy in June like me.
Maggie Adair said…
Grrr internet is so slow!!! I want to scrap using Anne-Marie's template. Thought of photo's to use for it but have to see if it works.

I also bought a 4-week workout plan from & have started that. I am quite determined to keep to it - even if we have plans for the evening I have been doing my workout first.

It was my mum's 75th birthday on the 2nd & it's an elderly friend's 91st birthday today. I can't be with my mom but I will go to my friend today.

My dad had a run-in with an angle grinder at work this week. He's cut both his arms pretty bad but is in good spirits. We are praying for quick recovery as well as no permanent damage.

All in all I love June so happy June day everyone :D
Hummie B said…
Me too! Scrap her template. I'm hoping to today, but first I need to do my Bible journaling. I need to do that while hubby and the girls sleep as I need quiet time for that.

I like Fitness Blender's Youtube. Let me know how your purchased plan works out.
Wow, prayers for your Dad!
Maggie Adair said…
Thanks Hummie. With working and a slow internet my courses are going really slowly which I find extremely frustrating. Anyway finally got the first set of the photography course done - woohoo!

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