Did you notice? G+ has been demoted & Google Photos

Now when I log into any google product the + by my name is gone.  I can still find it as an app under the app launcher (circled in red).

I am curious what change is next.  In March I had posted this update, as well as this update about Google photos, but when and if it will take effect is yet to be seen.  Google stream?  There is also this update about Google Photos not being linked to G+.

Go ahead, click on Google Photos (photos.google.com) and take a look around.  I found a few photos there from 2013, but I cannot seem to delete them.  I can edit and share them.  Oh wait, there is a button next to the edit and share button for deleting.  I deleted two and now I have a different view with even more photos. So confused.

They are not the same photos as in my Google Drive photos folder that was created.  So where did they come from?  Even a better question is where are the photos I upload to my blog going to?  What happened to Picasa?  Anything?  Um, when I go to that link it redirects to Google Plus and I see a few of the photos on the Google Photos.  So they are in both places?  Seems scary to me.  Um, I undeleted the two photos I deleted from the trash can just in case they are on a blog post somewhere.  Now I'm back to the view I had before I deleted those two.  Where are the others I saw?  Nothing I click brings them back and there certainly are not that many buttons.  Argh!

Oh, yeah!  So simple!  Even I struggled.  Just take the scroll bar and scroll down and you'll see more photos by month.  Grrrr.  So I didn't see more photos because there were only two for that month.


Tara D said…
I have never been able to get the hang of google+. I post my blog pics on there but only because a window pops up asking if I want to share whenever I publish a new post. For some reason it just seems confusing.
Maggie Adair said…
I'm with Tara on this one :/
grambie said…
I didn't even bother. For month's I couldn't log into Google plus that affected the limited sites that I still visit for comments. I couldn't find my Picaso photos after all that work. I guess, I will finally break down and use PSE since I already have prepared headers from Linda Sattgast's class in 2011. Right now, I just search my picture folder.

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