Hummies Classes/Challenges (sort of) Bi-Weekly Round-Up June 19, 2015

You haven't seen me in several weeks and again, I'm sorry.  We had a rather major family crisis, when on May 28th we lost our son-in-law in a horrific car accident, after only 28 days of marriage!  Shawn and our daughter, Lacy, had been together for the better part of six years and have a five-year-old son together, but Shawn hadn't made up his mind to get married until just February and, THANK GOD, they decided to do it rather quickly.
I've been in shock, in mourning, in anger, in denial, in all of those things they tell you you're going to experience after a death.  What they don't mention nearly often enough is that those emotions twist and turn and come and go and change and rearrange over and over and over.......  The acceptance hasn't quite come yet.  But the moving ahead with life has.  It has to.  Wanted to show you a page I made for Shawn.  It was amazingly cathartic.  The top two pix are from their wedding and the bottom is a roadside memorial that we placed in Alma, WI.  Thank you for letting me share him with you.

THAT being said, I was looking through the classes at Hummie's World and I re-discovered the Book Of Me classes!  There are over 40 classes in this set!  You can create layouts based on your name, your favorite childhood toy(s), the songs you love(d), the goals you made.  You can relish in the past and look creatively at the present and imagine the future!  "Save your receipts for a week and create a layout about what they say about you"!!!  HAHAHA!!!  I don't know that anyone (even me) would want to know that!  "Describe yourself in three words".  Okay, as long as you don't ask my children!  Check it out.  There are some wonderful layouts to be made and they're ALL ABOUT YOU!!!

Bi-Weekly Round-Up June 19, 2015
Continued through June
DigiHop - June and July
AMarie's Template Challenge ~ June 15
Continued until freebies expire or are put into Esty Store
UseIt! #48 challenge (freebie on blog post)
Holiday Debit Card -- Use It! #46 Challenge #freebie #digiscrap
UseIt! Challenge #47 (freebie on blog post)
Hummie's Template 103 (Freebie on blog post)
Template #102 (freebie on blog post)
NEW Template 101 (freebie on blog post)
NEW UseIt! #49 Halftone Circle Stamp
New Since May 3, 2015
NEW Scraplift #26 - AMarie's layout ideas - Playing with shapes
Template #104 #digiscrap
May DigiHop Freebie & UseIt #50
Challenge! Follow the Formula!!
Journey of a Book - Circle scrapbook
AMarie's layout ideas ~ Playing with colors

Love and Blessings,


AMarie T said…
So sorry for your loss, Carla, I did not know this. Thanks for sharing.
lawyerlyn said…
I'm so sorry for your family's loss.
Hummie B said…
Thanks for sharing your layout with us Carla. I'm glad that the scrapping was healing for you.
lizanne said…
I'm so sorry for your loss, Carla, not to mention for your daughter & her son... ((hugs))
Tammy said…
Hugs and prayers, Carla. It's hard and those emotions really do twist and turn. It's almost 3 months since my sister went home to be with Jesus. Good days and bad days...

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