I found a new Bible website

While searching for a Bible verse I wanted to read, I found a new-to-me website.


I rather like it and wanted to share it with my blog readers.

I do mostly read the ESV (English Standard Version) of the Bible, although I love my eSword that I use most often (desktop, iPad, and iPhone) and the parallel of various versions.  So I am intrigued that ESV has its own website.

I like how clean it is to read.  I clicked on "aps" and it opened up bars to the right with Bible study information.  The far right one on my screen shot above is clickable.  I clicked on the map and it opened up a new screen with more information.

There is a listen button, which is available at other Bible sites.

When I clicked to create an account, I learned that the website is managed by Crossway.  So they own the ESV copyright and/or created it?

There are devotionals and reading plans and other resources similar to YouVersion, which I need to get back to using from time to time as I always liked what it had to offer.  I see YouVersion is now at Bible.com.  Easy enough to remember.  I really like the "community notes" at YouVersion, as well as the ability to read different versions.  

One cannot have enough resources though and I really like the clean feel to the new ESV website.

After I created and account and logged in, more resources were available at the ESV website.  Awesome!


Tammy said…
Thanks, Hummie. I like the ESV, too. :)

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