June 1 - a Monday

I cannot believe it is June already.  It is so cold outside too, especially for June.

Before work, I blogged the day before and it was such a long post I didn't have time for much more.  It seems this blogging daily is taking up a lot of my time to do other things.  Do I really want to continue it?

The living room floor is looking fabulous.  The third coat of this half went on the floor around 7 a.m. before hubby left for work.

While I took a shower, the girls were whining for me.  I came to the kitchen to look and this is what I saw.  So adorable.  I thought Ria was going to hop off the recliner chair arm and over the gate to the wet floor.

When I went to leave for work, they looked like this.  Poor things, stuck in the kitchen.  They had knocked their bed out of the recliner, so I put it in front of the refrigerator for them to use during the day.

This is the scene as I walk out the back door for work.  What a mess in the kitchen!  We can hardly get around with just a small path to the back door and a small path to the sink.  Can we play "find the doggies?"  I felt so bad leaving them in the stinky house in such a confined area, but I knew they'd be okay.  I was the one with the problem.

Lunch time alone was difficult.  I had to cook for one.  I made sausage, onions, and bell peppers (green and red) and a corn on the cob.  It did not taste too good.  
I'm starting a new weekly Fitbit challenge with three other people and so I spent some time running in the kitchen to get steps.  I also spent some time cleaning dishes and counters.  They'd gotten a mess with all the brush stuff in the sink, not allowing us access to wash dishes.  This is a photo of the girls watching me run in place and wash dishes.  They are not happy.  The back door is open, but they'd rather watch me than the squirrels.

After work, we began to move the couch back in place.  Hubby had run by the store to get some sliders to put under the furniture that we've been told work like magic.  Uh, not!  It worked fine on the unfinished part of the floor, but when we got to the new floor, I guess since it had not cured for a week, it still made scratches in the floor!  We were not happy!  We had to pick up and carry the couch instead.  I suppose it was worth a try.  

We moved the rest of the furniture out of the area that still needed to be done and sanded.  I am thinking in my head how happy I am that this is the last little bit that needs to be sanded and that in a few days I can begin wiping with wet towels the dust off of everything and finally be dust free!

We put on a first coat of polyurethane on the other half of the hallway and the smaller area of the living room. It is really hard without a light in the room and there was not much light coming through he window either as the skies were cloudy and a little rainy.  We cannot call an electrician until we get the floor done and dry and that really stinks too!

Then we left to do my cleaning job.  We took the girls with us because I couldn't stand the thought of leaving them in that bad smelling house.  They stayed in the car while I cleaned.  Then we went to Lowes, and it's so nice dogs are allowed into Lowes, to pick up yet another can of polyurethane because we didn't think we had enough to do several more coats.  It would be close and it stinks we have to spend more money.

We watched a little t.v. and hubby fell asleep as I tried to stay awake to wake him up to do second coat on the last sections of the floor.  We are exhausted not sleeping well with the smells in the house and the cold air coming in the windows.

Our plan for tomorrow is to get up early to put on the last coat and then hubby is taking a vacation day to see if he can fix my car.  I sure hope and pray it is not complicated and doesn't cost much.  Hopefully, the floor can dry enough and we can get an electrician in during the afternoon while he is off, that being if the car repair can be done during the morning time.


Tammy said…
Hope the car is an easy fix!! Your floor looks so nice!!

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