June 10 . . a Wednesday

Arrrgggg!  Microsoft Windows updates sure are untimely and frustrating to boot!  I have three things to get done before the weekend and enough time, maybe to do them, until Microsoft messes with my day.

I spent an hour in the morning trying to make my machine move, with me clicking and then it taking forever for a response.  I could not figure out what was wrong.  I had just started the laptop. 

I managed putting together the DigiHop preview, uploading it, editing the class guide page, getting the bit.ly link, and blogging a post-dated post, but that was so stressful.  Plus, I wonder if anyone who downloads ever realizes all the work that goes into one silly freebie.  Is it worth it to me to keep this up?

Finally, I spied in the shut down that updates were ready to be installed. Ahhh!  It must have been downloading a huge update and crippling my machine.  Small downloads don't effect my laptop, but large, whole program files, do slow everything down.  I go through the same thing when Adobe updates my laptop.

I clicked restart and took my shower to go to work.  What a wasted morning.
During lunch, I try again on my freshly started machine and it is worse than the morning!  It had set all morning too, so surely it was not still downloading.  It took about 20 minutes for Photoshop to start, and another 5 minutes to open a file, and then another 2 minutes after I clicked the text tool, and another 5 minutes before my one word of text appeared!  See what a waste of a half hour!  And that was after trying to do other things.

Then I realize the updates still say they need to be installed!  What!  I did that this morning!  So, here we go again and this time I see it says 20 updates need installing.

I've wasted two hours today and gotten nothing done that I feel I need to get done, although in perspective, realizing all these things do not really matter and that they just matter to me to keep commitments.

I'm literally screaming!  Plus, if my laptop works after work, I'm envisioning hubby not leaving me alone to work and I'm getting angry at him and the poor guy hasn't even done anything yet.  I texted to let him know, "Yeah, I'm already mad at you and you're not even home yet -- anticipated what you'll do."  He replied, "Ack" as I'm screaming out loud, literally.

I walked outside to take time to cool off.  The dresser in the garden is so pretty and I'm anxious for flowers to start trailing down the side.

The Tiger Lilies are starting to bloomer everywhere and we have hundreds of them.

Hubby, to make me happy and to dig himself out of a hole he did not dig yet, wrote me a poem to go with this photo that I blogged the other day.  It went like this:

I got sunshine on my cell phone today

I got texture and shadow
and it's ok

What causes this you say?
It's the angle ok

I got pictures on sunny sunny day.

I just gotta love this guy sometimes!  He really made me laugh and I felt better.

After work, my laptop did work better.  I did the layout for the competition that is due Sunday, but I only have today to do.  

Then there was the cleaning (for pay) job to go to.

Then I worked on the pen tool and creating some vectors and .png's for another project due out soon.  It took me a while as I'm learning the tool.  The .png's are good enough, but need tweaking at a later time, but if someone wanted to use them, they could, so I passed them on as is for now with my limited time.

Then I made a layout with one of the files.  I had no inspiration at all for the layout.  It had to use the file and be a Psalm.  I was stuck.  Hubby and I were both shouting out various Psalms hoping to be inspired.  Finally, it all came together and I was glad.  Sometimes, I just have to have one small bit of inspiration and "just start moving" and it all comes together.

Now to do a video tutorial for this project.  It will be shared next week.

I think it was 1:30 a.m. before we went to bed, but my three projects were nearly done.


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