June 12 . . a Friday

This day was an utterly frustrating day and a large test on my patience.

I am thankful for hubby's truck, but I do not like driving it when my car is in for repair.

Hubby took my car in for the appointment repair yet again this morning because the repair last week did not fix the problem.

I took hubby's 1995 truck and dropped off my laptop.  I have no idea if this computer place is reputable and I am nervous.  While there, however, someone I know and trust came in to drop off his phone and I felt better knowing he used the place.

There is nothing for me more frustrating than when my car or my computer are down and in the shop and to have both of them on the same day is certainly a test for me and my stress levels.

Hubby texts that they cannot fix my car, "They looked at it and checked ABS brakes and topped off power steering fluid, but all systems check out ok.  The mechanics said it could be something in the AWD but don't know.  They said it's not a safety issue and to bring it back if it gets worse and they may be able to diagnose more so what it is."

What!  I was exclaiming?  So basically, your car is safe to drive and to drive it until it gets worse?  Seriously?  There is something wrong with that.  Any person with enough common sense knows not to continue to drive a car with a problem or that problem could cause more problems which would cost even more money.

I called them and it was explained to me that they did not know what was wrong with my car and so they "did not want to waste your money guessing what was wrong."  Seriously!  So THAT's how they can have good reviews and guarantee the work they do.  Oh, so if you don't know the problem, you just turn people away.  Even after you've tried two guesses.  I guess that's your limit in order to get away with making people feel good about what you do and the uncanny ability to always have repairs go right.  Let's just smooth over the hard jobs and send them away to someone else so our reviews and ratings can stay high.  I see right through them now!

I am stressed because we were going to go on vacation today after I get off work at 5 p.m. and if my car is not safe to drive, which it does not feel safe to drive, then we will have to cancel.  Hubby took a vacation day today to pack and do other things to get ready, such as shop for food and get cash, etc., and instead he is wasting the day trying to get the car fixed.

Hubby spent until well after noon trying to find some place to fix the car today.  It was so stressful.  One place even said they could fix it today (via phone to hubby and later to me) and hubby drove all the way there just for them to tell him to his face they could not fix that kind of problem.  What!!!!!

We spent the day stressing back and forth whether to cancel plans and cancel vacation days or to just go.

I had googled online and found a thread and this is what it seems is wrong with my car.  People have said they have spent $2,000 fixing other things with their cars only to find it was this inexpensive part that fixed it.  It sounds like the same road I am going down.

Late in the day I finally called on my laptop because I had not heard anything only to be told they probably would not be able to get to it until next Tuesday. My old repair guy sure had me spoiled as he always started right away and gave me a diagnosis and kept me apprised all day, even if he had to wait a bit to work on something else, he kept me apprised.  My trustworthy computer guy I think may have retired and his location of business is closed down.  I had followed him from one place to another back in the day.

So my laptop is going to sit in line, first come first serve, at a repair shop for four days and may or may not be looked at by that day.  It's like leaving my "baby" at the hospital and nothing happening for days.

After 5:00 p.m., after work, we decided we really did need this vacation and impromptu began packing up the tent and all the gear and personal clothing.  It took us an hour and a half, but at 6:30 p.m. we left to go to the bank to get some cash and ran by McDonald's for some inexpensive "food on the road."

We gave Ria the Dramamine but it did not help at all.  She whined and cried for three of the four hour drive.  Her throat had to have been soar after all of that and it was amazing that our patience for her lasted.  Sometimes we totally loose it listening to her, but this time, even after the bad day, we seemed calm.

We arrived at Ha Ha Tonka State Park around 11 p.m. only to find there was no camping.  What?!  It's okay, we calmly tell ourselves.  We are now the "Gypsy Nesters" who go with the flow and do not watch the time or care about a schedule.  After driving around the park for a half hour or so, we settled into a parking lot and fell asleep at about midnight in our seats.  Yes, in our seats, in a parking lot.  We are okay with that.  Cars drove by with headlights waking me up from time to time as I listened to hubby asleep.


Tammy said…
Ugh! That was quite the day!!

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