June 15 . . . a Monday

Initially, we had wanted to do something on Monday before returning home, but I think we were just too tired.  We tried to at least relax at camp a little bit and did make a pot of tea.  We were going to take showers before we left as we felt all icky, but with everything packed in the car, when we got to the shower house, hubby said to keep driving.  We would clean up at home.  We decided to drive the three miles, which seemed much more than three miles by the time we found it, to Bagnell Dam.  

It seems dams are always touted as tourist spots, but we find them very boring.  This is the view when we turned around to drive back over the dam and it was not even very exciting.  There was an interesting looking strip of stores and it might have been interesting to eat and view the dam, but otherwise, we do not care about shopping as shopping is not our kind of vacation.

It was difficult figuring out our way back to Highway 44, taking lots of two lane roads that seemed to lead no where.  At one point, we were stopped for construction for about 15 minutes with this guy holding up a stop sign.  Finally, shuttle car came through the "one lane open at a time" area with cars following and it turned around and we got to go.  The entire way, which seemed as much as 5 miles, there was absolutely no construction.  We were exclaiming!  Why in the world are they making everyone do this when there are not any construction vehicles in site, not even at the very end of our journey?  There were signs for oil and wet pavement and such, but no signs of any workers.  And we couldn't have driven on both sides of the road because?  In addition, we were driving about 23 miles per hour the entire way.  Why so slow?  I felt like there must have been a hidden camera somewhere!  At the end, there was nice new smooth pavement, which is what I suppose they were getting ready to start, but there was no need to make us do all that and for such a great distance until they actually began.  Someone is not thinking right here and wasting our taxpayer money.

Ria was very good the entire way home.  She hardly whined at all.  She did not even have any medication in her!  So we know she can be good when she wants to be.  I think she knows somehow that we are going home.  How does she know we are going home and not someplace new to camp?  I think she just whines out of anticipation of not knowing where she is going.  I did leave her unlatched as sometimes I think it pulls and hurts her.  She has almost grown out of her car seat and it is also broken in several places and not effective anyway.  I need some time and money to look into other options for her.

Miss Tizzy always behaves in the car and she is always so sweet.  She always tries to put at least one paw on my leg just so she is touching me which is so sweet and tender.  I often look down and she is just looking up looking at me.  I wonder if she is watching my expressions to be alerted of problems or if she is watching the shadows of flickering sunlight on my face.

We could not decide whether to drive to St. Louis and back down highway 55 or to cut threw the back roads. At the last minute, I decided to cut through the back roads and in the end, it only shaved off about six minutes of time.  It is so crazy to me to think to go such a longer distances but still keep time.

We got home around 1:30 p.m. and I felt so icky and tired I went straight for the hot soaking bath while hubby unpacked and put the tent back up for cleaning out.  I fell asleep in the tub several times, but every time hubby slammed the back door, I woke back up.  Then hubby took a bath and I wanted to do some unpacking, but was so tired I ended up taking a nap on the bed.  Our day is getting away from us and we were glad we had come on home instead of finding something else to visit.

I got up and managed to unpack my suitcase and a few other things, but I just could not motivate myself to do much.  I got on my old laptop and tried to type a bit, but the keyboard does not work well as sometimes the space bar sticks and I have to backspace and hit it again.  Plus, I was still working on installing updates on that old laptop.  I managed to find some emails for recent purchases that I may have lost on the new computer and downloaded them, only to find my unzipping program was not installed on this computer.  I had trouble downloading ExtractNow as Chrome kept blocking the download as a bad file.  I finally tried another browser and got it downloaded, but then the install failed.  I found a different download site and got it installed, but I was a bit afraid that it might be a bad file, although I had trusted it for so many years.
I managed to check all the DigiHop downloads to make sure they were accessible and shared a few times on Facebook.  By this time, I'm frustrated with my old slow laptop.

The (for pay) cleaning job was one that I had to force myself to get up and go do.

We tried to watch a little t.v. on the smart t.v. as we could not do it from my laptop that was in the shop.

We had eaten McDonald's on the trip home, so we had some popcorn.  The house has almost no food in it.  We went to bed early.  It felt like it was a wasted day.  We thought about going to the pool before we got home, but we could not even make that happen.


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