June 16 . . a Tuesday

I woke up at 5:00 a.m. and did not have my laptop to roll over to begin working on.  I went to the kitchen table and started on catching up on my blogging.  It would be days before I could catch up.

Today is the day they are supposed to work on my laptop.  They did call me around 8:30 and told me there were bad sectors in the hard drive, which meant my hard drive was failing.  I told him to just give me a new hard drive and to install Windows.  Several times, today and the day I dropped it off, they have conversation about installing all the updates and my programs.  He indicates it might be until tomorrow until he gets it done and once again I'm telling him that I can do all the installing of updates and that I want it back today.

Hubby was kind enough to drive my car to the shop and have them take him to work, so he is without a car all day.  He does not go anywhere for lunch and I always go home, plus if my laptop gets done, I need to pick it up.  I'm stuck driving his old 1995 truck again which I do not like driving that big 'ol thing, but I am very thankful to have it as opposed to having no vehicle and being stuck at work.

 As I get ready to leave for work, Miss Tizzy is snug in her bed on our bed as if to say to me she is so glad to be home too.
Ria was giving me the same message as she was in my recliner snuggling the blanket I use.  Sometimes it seems they just need something that I use to feel comfort.

At the car dealer repair shop, they are able to text the vehicle and hear the problem, but my appointment is not until 11:30, so the car sits all morning.

I had to do lunch hour phones at work because the receptionist is gone and that was not a welcomed thing on my day back with repairs going on.  A little after 1 p.m. I hear from the shop and she indicated it was my back left wheel hub and asked me what the other shop had recently done.   I could not find the paperwork hubby should have brought home and told her I thought it was the front right hub that they had done.  She told me I was absolutely correct in that it was something wrong with the hub, which apparently also contains the speed sensor harness and the wheel bearings, as they all come in one part now, that was making my anti-lock breaks kick in when they were not supposed to do so.  I was a bit taken aback at some of the unprofessional comments she made about the other shop.  She had a name that they called them, but I cannot remember it.  It was something like a "monkey shop."  She totally knocked them down.

She hung up to get a quote and called me back.  It was about $650!  What!  I asked why so much more than the other shop and was told that they used low quality parts that did not last long and they used only quality GM parts.  I asked what the typical difference would be and she said $100 to $150.  I did not tell her what the difference was.  I gave her permission to put the part on because she talked as if it was definitively the problem.

About a half hour later, around 2 p.m., she called to say they have it up on the rack (now why wasn't it on the rack already, I think) and they can tell that the only hub that has ever been replaced because it is shiny and new is the rear left hub which they are getting ready to replace.  It is obvious to me that they never really looked at the vehicle, but just did diagnostic testing.  Is that all they rely on nowadays?  I give her credit for being honest and not just replacing the brand new hub, but have a lot of red flags going off in my head.

I called the shop who did the previous work and found out it was the same hub and confirmed the price.  We paid about $300 for the other hub.  So why was this one going to be more than double?  The phone connection was bad and I hung up my cell phone and called from the work land line.  It was still bad, so he was transferring phones, but when I was reconnected, I had the general manager.  I asked why theirs was more than double and was told it was because they mark up parts.  I explained that they told me it was because their part was low quality and who was I to believe.  I told him that she said his part was low quality and that is why it cost so much less.  He explained that his part was such and such a brand and it was actually better than the GM parts. I told him that they diagnosed it as the same part as he had just fixed.  He told me that his was guaranteed and he would be glad to put on another one for free, including labor, as he guaranteed his work, but that he doubted it would fix the problem.

Then the kicker came in that he did not understand why they were throwing him under the bus when he does diagnostic work for them because they do not have the right equipment and that some of his guys actually work for their shop too because they have so much work they cannot complete it all.  What?  So they have a partnership and they are throwing each other under the bus?  I feel very caught in the middle.  Also, the thought of my car being taken to another location for work to be done outside my knowledge because their shop cannot handle all the work does not set well with me either.  I explain to him that I am not throwing anyone under the bus and that I am just really confused because I did not know which side to believe.  One says it is this problem and the other says it is something they cannot determine.  One says it is this price and the other says it is double that price.  Each say their parts are better quality than the other.  I inquired as to whether or not I could get a refund if the dealer shop put on their part and he said he would, so that gave him a red star on my part.  He told me that because we are repeat customers, he gave us a really good deal on the price so that we would keep coming back.  Why doesn't anyone just set a price and give the same price to everyone?  He asked me what I wanted to do and I told him I was so confused that I needed time to think.  I told him I was trying hard not to judge either shop.

I called the dealer shop back and explained to her that it was indeed the same hub and told her the price we had paid and that he said that he did not believe that fixing the hub again would fix the problem and that he did not know what the problem was.  She began explaining to me that it was a test about the ohms (electricity) that came back wrong for that hub. She also shared, as she did earlier, that having tires with different tread depths could cause the sensor to go bad. I explained again that we just had the front tires replaced at the same time as the hub, and on the two mile drive home, it was not fixed, and therefore, a two mile trip is not enough to make a brand new hub go out. I began pushing her to commit to this hub being fixed as resolving the problem and she would not answer me, saying that the other place was on the phone and that she would transfer me to the technician.  I told her that I really needed to get back to work and that the two of them could talk and work it out and get back to me.

I sat down at my chair at work and was completely so stressed tears began to form in my eyes.

She called me back one more time after the two shops talked it out and told me she felt certain that if I just bought two more tires, the problem would be fixed.  I wasn't born yesterday, but whatever.  Go ahead, replace our "good" tires with new ones and make us spend money.  I told her to replace the tires and that we would test to see if that fixed it.  She informed me that she had called all the distributors and could not get the tires until 11 a.m. the next day.  What!  I suggested that the other shop had tires in stock because we had just bought some from them and asked why she couldn't get them from that shop.  She said she would call them and I never heard back from her again.  She never called to let me know if she got the tires or not.

I texted hubby, who is sitting at work without a car, getting ready to get off work with no way home, and told him to call the shop to see what had happened.  If they cannot get tires until the next day, they can come get him and he can drive my unfixed car home.  He texted right back that they had the car all fixed and were out test driving it.  What?!!  So we go from not being able to fix it until the next day to it being fixed in a short amount of time.  I am so confused.

The computer repair shop called.  Yes, I'm getting tired of talking to repair people while trying to work at work.  My laptop is done and they did as many updates as they had time for, and installed a few other programs, such as a free security program and java and some drivers, and that I could pick it up and finish the updates and installation.

I drove after work to pick up the laptop and hubby got home with my car shortly after me.  He said the car did not do the grinding on his way home, so that was a good sign.  I still cannot believe two new tires would fix the problem.  (And the next morning, when I got in the car, I could smell a mechanical smell such as the car being worked on which told me they had done something else to the car and not told us what they did.  I wasn't born yesterday.  Maybe the one shop gave the other shop a replacement hub that was under guarantee and let them put it on.  I could honestly hear them talking among themselves that they really needed to just get the car fixed and get us out of there before a lawsuit was possible.)

I began the windows updates on my laptop at the same time as the install of my security software.  I had to laugh because the first thing it did was uninstall the security program they had installed.  I was glad to be able to do both the updates and the install at the same time, although I had to wait for one to finish before restarting the laptop. Then I installed malwarebytes.  It also took me a while to rename my laptop as I did not want my real name on it.  Apparently the simple directions do not get rid of your name.  Then I began installing other programs.

All that is left in our freezer is some fish and shrimp and lunch meet.  We seriously have almost no food in the house.  Hubby made the fish for him and the shrimp for me and some mashed potatoes and we called that dinner while we sat down to watch So You Think You Can Dance.  It was late and we were both exhausted.  I had been up since 5 a.m.  I walked back and forth to my laptop to set things to download and install, letting it work while I watched t.v.

I could not do anything else and we went to bed around 9 p.m.


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