June 17 . . a Wednesday

I finally slept well.  I was glad to have my laptop by my side when I woke up.

The adobe programs that I had begun installing the night before and left to finish as I fell asleep had failed.  Sigh.  At least I had been able to get the new Creative Cloud 2015 to update on the old laptop.  I closed it down this morning and put it away for now since I had this laptop and I wanted my kitchen table back.  I began to blog again as I really want to get our weekend blogged before I forget what we did and to catch up on the blogging.  I was typing my blog while waiting for various programs to install.  When I tried to install esword, the program I use for my Bible, the purchased add-on keys would not work and I contacted support.  I actually had to make an account with the new add-on site only for that contact to bounce and filled out another contact form at the original site.  I had trouble with my Outlook.  I got the old data file with all my emails to pull in, but it took me a while to figure out I needed to make it the default profile.

As I blogged about at the end of yesterday's post, on the way to work I smell a mechanical smell in my car.  I am convinced it is a red flag that they did something else to my car than just change the tires. Just changing the tires would not have made this smell in the car.  The car drives fine to work without problems.  I'm baffled.

At lunch time, I decided I needed a breather and took a walk around the front and back yards to see what had changed.  It is always changing. I could not see the screen on my iPhone with the bright sun and took some very bad photos!  The hostas are getting ready to bloom everywhere.

The grass is still so pretty as the summer heat has not set in to kill it yet.  The front and side flower beds in the front yard are beautiful.  The tiger lilies at the mailbox are so county cute.

These are blooming that I got from our son's house last year when we were transplanting it all.  I thought it was heather, but now I think it might be sage, and I need to find time to figure it out.  I sure wish I had time to cut some of them and do something with them, at least to make a sachet.

The side bed in the front yard looks exceptionally well, but I cannot seem to get a good photo of it.

The tiger lilies along the fence in the back yard are blooming.  They were here before we bought the house and we have spread them a bit to other places, but really enjoy them.  It is such a long row (longer than this photo looks).  All the other photos I took in the backyard did not turn out.

I made some more tortellini for lunch (had it yesterday for lunch with my last tomato) and not having much else in the house to eat, added some mayo, sesame vinegar, and other seasonings, as well as some crisp bacon, and managed to make a yummy creation I probably could never make again.

My car drove back to work without an issue and home again.  Hubby and I decide we really need to go grocery shopping.  We managed to unpack everything and put away the cold stuff and then there was the (for pay) cleaning job work that needed to be done.  By the time I got home, it was after 8 p.m. and I was exhausted.  I worked some more on installing programs and called it quits thereafter.

Hubby had taken my Fitbit to work, since on Monday we traveled and there was no way I could win the Fitbit weekly challenge, and he had always wanted to see how much he walked in a typical day.  He was pushing 10,000 at 1 p.m.!  He was pushing 20,000 at 5 p.m.!  Wow!  After the grocery shopping which was a lot of walking, and doing some laundry and whatnot, he finished the day at 23,461 steps, 10.39 miles, and 178 active minutes.  Boy, does my desk job make me feel lazy!  I have to push just to get 6,000 a day.  Just wow.


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