June 18 . . a Thursday . . with a surprise

I spent my morning time this Thursday continuing to install programs.  It took me a while to figure out how to install Microsoft Office because all I had was the license key as the files were on the partition of the crashed drive.  I found it online to download.

As I left for work, I was greeted with the mess we had left in the kitchen last night.  We had only put away the cold groceries in the freezer and refrigerator and the other stuff got unpacked on the counter where it stayed.  Sigh.  I suppose we could have made time for putting it away, but we are just so exhausted this week.

At work I was greeted with a pleasant surprise of a baby being born for an adoption.  There's something so rewarding with helping a new family be blessed and saying "take that baby home."  At lunch time I had to do the phones again which is a task I do not do well and do not like doing at all.  I have to work to be happy about it, especially when people are stuck waiting on hold because I cannot find the button fast enough.  There are just way too many buttons!

I had a funny thing happen while doing the phones.  The fed-ex guy delivered a package and left and then the elevator reopened and looked as if it was stuck half on the floor above our top floor where I could see the underneath gears.  Then suddenly a guy popped out!  He was inspecting the elevator and he told me he had just watched the fed-ex man go down the elevator while he spied on him from the top.  I said, "you mean he had no idea you were watching."  Nope!  How creepy!

At lunch time I took a stroll in the yard again.  I was excited to see this caladium beginning to grow in a flower pot.  We had purchased quite a few summer bulbs in March and I think the squirrels dug them all up and ate them, but this one at least survived.

The lemon thyme plant is getting huge and I'm not sure what to do with all that herb except to let it grow and be pretty in the flower bed.

I was excited that all the banana plants are beginning to grow and sprout out leaves.  These four are down the side of the patio, but we have three more pots.

This bulb gets really tall and blooms faithful every year.  It is an odd flower, but the color is pretty.  It is drooping over the edge of the wall.

These lilies are beginning to bloom.  I'm not sure I like the pale color so much, but they are still fun nonetheless.  I wonder if I should dig and move half of them.

The purple coneflower is beginning to bloom and its antics really made me laugh.  Look at it!

Except the back two, the hanging baskets look gorgeous.  We haven't had to water any of them as it has rained so much this year.  Even the grass is still looking great.

I had a surprise when I came home from work.  There is always something interesting going on in my world!  There is always a surprise to deal with.  Always.  I wish I had written a book of my life sometimes and all the surprises. 

Today's surprise was a hole in the patio roof wood.  I went to sit down on the couch and there was all this sawdust on it.  I found the hole and wondered, "what in the world!"  Hubby came in soon after and we discussed it.  Was someone on our patio?  It looks like someone drilled a hole in the wood.  Why would they do that?  Did they think they were installing a ceiling fan only to realize they were at the wrong house?  If so, they sure didn't center the hole well.  It couldn't be a woodpecker because there was no place for a woodpecker to hold onto.

This happened between noon and 5 p.m.  Hubby called and we waited until the police came.  I wouldn't have called them, but he was creeped out that someone was on our patio.  How embarrassing when the kind policeman told us it was a wood bee! Ah!  I apologized for wasting his time.  I should have just did an internet search or asked on Facebook first before he called police.

Now the question is how do we get rid of them and how soon before they come back.  Everyone on Facebook said they were very destruction and I can believe that!  One friend said she called an exterminator.  Two others said kill them with a badminton or tennis racket.  Another said to plug the hole after dark because they go in the hole after dark and it will trap them and kill them.  Another said to spray in WD40.  Another told me to be thankful only the queens sting.  lol

I read this about Carpenter Bees and I think hubby's upcoming weekly vacation is going to start in painting the patio roof wood.  Apparently they are not drawn to stained or painted wood and we had already planned on painting it white.

Hubby had already sealed the hole with putty before we read the responses and on Facebook, so we did not spray in the hole first or do it after dark.  

Now I feel like a sitting duck waiting for the next one to make a hole.

We had worked on cleaning up outside while we waited for the police.  I used a broom to knock down spider webs around the carport and swept and hubby got a bucket and water and scrubbed some spots off the house and some bird do-do off the carport.

We made biscuits and gravy with sausage in honor of the upcoming Father's Day weekend and hubby's favorite foods.  I attacked the big pile of mail that had accumulated while we were cooking.

Hubby's brother John dropped by for the evening and we had a drink and nice chatting.

He stayed about 2 hours and left around 9 p.m. and we watched a new-to-us program on ABC on Hulu called Alias and went to bed a bit late around midnight.


Tara D said…
I had to laugh at the wood bee or whatever it is called. I have never heard of such a thing! I would have reacted just like you lol :)

And biscuits and gravy makes my mouth water. . . one of my favorite comfort foods of all time and I cannot eat them anymore. Enjoy some for me as well! lol :)
Hummie B said…
Thanks! I'm glad I'm not the only one that didn't know! I felt so stupid!

Biscuits and gravy are hubby's fav, so I'm doing a long Father's Day weekend of stuff for him. It's too fattening for me most times.
Tammy said…
Wow! That wood bee really made a mess! Hope you get it taken care of!!
Hummie B said…
The Wood Bee came back yesterday and unplugged the hole! We had knowledge this time and hubby sprayed WD40 in the hole and the bee finally came out and he stepped on it. I hope that's the last of this and there are no more!

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