June 19 . . a Friday

I seem to always be behind on blogging!  Friday morning I got a suggestion on my Redbox app to reserve a movie for Father's Day weekend and I thought it was a great surprise for hubby, so I did it.  So Thursday night he got his favorite sausage gravy biscuits and Friday night he'll get to watch a movie he's been wanting to watch (American Sniper).  We had found our favorite Morton's Popcorn salt that we haven't been able to find in at least three years.  It works so well when you put it in the oil before popping on the stove and we are excited to try it again.

The tropical depression Bill has arrived and it is really beginning to rain a lot today.  This is a leaf by my tire as I came home from lunch.  Crazy how I see these little things and appreciate them.

I spent a little time on the patio and enjoyed the rain.  It wasn't too heavy at first, but got heavier.  This is the tiger lily hubby picked and put on the patio table in a wine bottle.  Why do we even have vases?

I decided to play and make a new fresh drink.  I have this cantaloupe from the time before when I went shopping and it needs to be eaten before it goes bad, so I cut it up and then I zested an orange, and then squeezed the juice out of the orange.  I put some of the cantaloupe and the orange juice and zest in my individual sized blender and whipped it up.  I then strained it.

I added water, ice, and some sugar.  It made for an interesting flavor, but nothing wow that I'm ready to try again.  I think I prefer my cantaloupe just cut up.

The rain was really coming down hard now.  I went to the bedroom and finished a layout I was working on for the rest of my lunch hour.

After work it was still raining and it had rained so much that the street was beg inning to flood.  Our neighbor has his boat out front for sail and it looked as if it was in the right place on a lake.  I used an umbrella and walked around taking photos and a video.  I cannot share them on my blog though for privacy as you can see mailbox numbers.  I've seen it worse than this where you cannot see the road or even drive on it.  It's a good thing it is only temporary too because when the rain stops, it eventually runs off within an hour or so.

We had pizza and popcorn and watched two movies and were getting all "chair butt" icky in the living room.  The movies were just okay and they almost bored us.


Tara D said…
Morton's Popcorn salt! I had forgotten all about that stuff. I used to use it all the time. Now I will have to keep an eye out for it again :)
Hummie B said…
We found it at Schnucks, a local grocery store. But I had seen it at Walmart years ago. I do not understand why Morton's ever stopped selling it. Other popcorn salt doesn't work and I've tried lots of other salts. It's the only one that works putting it in the oil before popping.
Dawn said…
Here you go.... for when you run out again! :) http://www.amazon.com/Morton-Popcorn-Super-Fine-3-75-oz/dp/B007V64C28/ref=sr_1_1?s=grocery&ie=UTF8&qid=1434991439&sr=1-1&keywords=mortons+popcorn+salt

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