June 2 - a Tuesday

I must admit that this floor refinish that is taking so many weeks is totally exhausting us.  Everyone says we will appreciate it when it is done, but I'm not so confident.

Hubby took a vacation day to get my car fixed and I'm anxious about what is wrong with it and the cost.  After not sleeping well, he got up early and put the third coat on the last part of the floor.  We are so close to being done.  We have uncertain hopes that the floor can dry in time for an electrician to come in the afternoon.  It would be awesome if everything fell in place and the car could be done in the morning and an electrician could come in the afternoon on his vacation day to fix things.

He left the house at 7 a.m. with my car.  I called the last electrician we used at 8 a.m.  I was promised a call back after she texted the guys and I explained how I would like it to be this afternoon because hubby was off work, and that I was worried about a fire hazard in the wall.  They probably hear this stuff a zillion times.

I watched my phone all day, carrying it with me everywhere at work, because I cannot have my ringer on.  No one ever called.

I have this plant at my desk at work that I tried rescuing by replanting a few weeks ago and parts of it are still on a downward hill.  So last weekend when we shopped I had bought a chocolate mint plant.  I've always heard herbs will grow anywhere, so I am about to test the theory and since I love the one outside on my patio, I wanted to try one inside where there is no windows.  I can pick a leaf whenever I want and drop it in my tea.  What is it that feels so good about a simple little leaf in my drink?  I just love it.  Life is about the simple things for me, often.

Leaving work for lunch I am greeted by hubby's truck.  My car is almost done, but not quite.  I had almost forgotten I had to drive this thing home until I saw it.  I do not like driving this thing!  It's ugly and too big.  I'm not sure why hubby likes it.

My car got two new front tires and a wheel bearing.  I suppose without the cost of the tires, which would be regular maintenance, the repair cost was not too bad, but I really did not need to spend another $650.  We keep going in reverse on this debt thing and we do not spend willy nilly, but things like this come up all the time.  It seems the way of life for us.  I can never win!

Since hubby was not home yet, I made a lunch for one and I really enjoyed today's lunch.  I took a small slab of butter and began to melt it in the pan.  Then I took three small pieces of bread and laid it in the butter to toast. When I turned over the bread, I scooted it to the side and put two eggs in the pan.

Putting it together on my plate, I put the toast on the bottom, broke up one piece of cheese onto each toast, put one piece of crisp bacon on top of that, then a slice of tomato, and then the egg.  I had half a tomato, so the extra slices were the side and I had a glass of yogurt juice.

Wow!  Were these tiny sandwiches delish!  I was stuffed when I was done too!  I wanted to make more again soon!

Hubby came home half way through my lunch hour and we worked on moving some furniture, only to find the floor still sticky in places, although it had been 5 1/2 hours since the last coating and it is supposed to dry in 4 hours.  We were messing up parts of the floor and had to stop.

Around 3 p.m. I told hubby to call the electrician.  I got rather p.o'd and worked up inside when we had to call them and were told that it might not be until next week before they could get here! Seriously!  I was lead this morning to think it would be this afternoon or maybe the next day and here now it may not be until next week and they did not even bother to call to tell us that early enough in the day to try to get someone else in here today?  I'm totally fuming inside.  So hubby has little hope to get someone in today, but begins calling.  The best he could do is to get someone to come in the morning.  Who knows if we will like this guy or not and that makes me nervous too.

There was leftover triple berry pie and chocolate cake in the break room from the birthday yesterday and the pie was calling my name.  I had grabbed a piece right after lunch before it disappeared and waited until late afternoon to eat it.  I was still stuffed from lunch, but I ate it anyway.  And enjoyed it!

Once at home after work, I am greeted with a living room totally covered in dust.  I mean a thick coat of dust.  I'm not sure if you can see it in this photo or not or if it does it justice, but everything is going to take a wet paper towel to get this dust off, but that will have to wait.

There are areas of the floor that need tweaking with a small brush and I spent about an hour doing so.  The hallway is done, though.  I think as we get light in the house and walk around we will see more areas that need another brush of stuff as the days go on, but for the most part, we are happy it is done.  Hubby is extremely tired and goes out to the patio couch for a nap.  I bring the dogs with me to the bedroom to scrapbook.  The dogs are highly confused when I tell them it is okay to walk on the floor down the hallway.  I had to coax them to come.  We both just needed some down time.  I scrapped a layout "Who are you?" and enjoyed the journaling process.

After the layout, I found myself way behind on my Fitbit competition for the week and knew I needed to run in place.  I watched So You Think You Can Dance premiere and ran in place until I was up to 8,000 steps.  I was in first place, by a few hundred steps, until about 11 p.m. when someone else synced and bumped me into second place.  I wasn't getting up again, although in the past I might have, but it is only Tuesday and there is still time in this competition.  SYTYCD was awesome, as always.  I always enjoy laughing during the auditions much more than I do when the actual competition begins.  This year they are doing a stage vs. street theme which is an interesting twist.  It is one of my favorite shows.

By this time it is getting late and we discussed trying to move some more of the furniture back to begin to reclaim our kitchen, but we are both just spent physically.  We tried to watch another show (A.D. The Bible Continues, which we keep grimacing at for its inaccuracy and need to give up on it) and ended up going to bed around 10:30 p.m., which is early for me.


Tammy said…
So? Does the chocolate mint plant smell like chocolate??
Hummie B said…
I don't really smell the chocolate part. It is really good though. I'm amazed after letting one leaf set in my tea for an hour how strong the mint tastes.

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