June 20 . . . a Saturday

I need to get over feeling so tired all the time.  I need some normalcy and normal eating I guess.

Today is my Mom's birthday and I spent a little while on a phone call with her.  She is so difficult.  She was cooking for her husband and sons for Father's Day on her birthday, but did not want to tell them that it was her birthday to test them to see if they remembered.  She was just setting herself up to say she had a terrible birthday because no one remembered (except of course her own children who were trying to do something for her, but could not because she always puts herself and others ahead of her own children.  Nothing new.  Never going to change.  Just accept it and love her where she is.).  I have done this before where I don't want hubby to remind my sons to see if they remember and I must have gotten that from my mother.  I never realized that.  Of course, seeing her doing it made me realize how stupid it was, but really, her case is different.  Really, her not allowing her husband to say anything kept him from doing anything to celebrate her birthday either.  It is such fake humbleness and more wallowing in self-set-up self-pity.

I could not get motivated to do my bible journaling layout no matter how hard I pushed myself.  It just kept coming together, but rather slowly, as I kept making myself start it again.  I almost got it done, but we wanted to spend some fun time together, so I let it go to finish later.  I'm trying hard to not let my own to-do's keep us from doing other things.

We traveled all the way out to our favorite river wallowing spot in Marquand, ready for a relaxing day doing one of our favorite things only to find it severely flooded.  Now why didn't we think of that!  It had rained a lot!  Lesson learned.  Normally the river is beyond the group of trees in the foreground.  It was crazy swift and scary too.  We couldn't even drive around the place because it was up on the road and had to turn around and go back.

Rather than going to the winery in Marquand as we would normally do after our river wallowing, we decided to go to the Thousand Oaks because we had not been there in a while.  It was on the way home, so that worked well.  We did not buy wine, but rather had the slushee with wine (I think they call them wineritas).  It's hubby's Father's Day weekend and he was excited to get them.  It was fun on a hot day.

I started with a half salad and that was so pretty and yummy.

I had the portabella mushroom flatbread and the cheese was so thick with some great garlic spices.  They really do know how to cook  here and I've never had bad or even average food!  Hubby had the garlic cheese flatbread.  It didn't really look like flatbread but more like a mini pizza, but that didn't matter to us as it tasted so good and we were starving.

We drove back to a spot we had seen on the drive there and were excited to realize we could make our river wallowing dreams for the day come true at this location.  It was not as good as our favorite location, when not flooded, but at least it felt safe enough to get into the water.  The water was not as clear as our (unflooded) favorite place, but we could see the bottom.  That is important so that we don't step on snakes (we never saw any) and could see how deep the water.

We were there from about 3:30 to 6:30 p.m. and had a good 'ol time moving about from one location to another and just chatting.  I had taken my underwater camera and took a lot of silly shots which I cannot blog but maybe they will be nice to put in a layout later.  I took some videos too and if I have time I want to put them together.

We had bought some cheap wine before leaving and put it in our plastic drink containers to enjoy while wallowing.

The wood bee (carpenter's bee) came back and knocked out the fill we had put in the hole.  Hubby ran to the store and got WD40 and put it in the hole until the bee fell out and then he stomped on it and killed it.  Let's hope there are no other bees!

When I got home, I was so tired I fell asleep!  It was about 7:30 and I rarely sleep that early.  I awoke around 9:30 and then went back to bed for the night.


Dawn said…
Oh, I remember Thousand Oaks!!! Good times there. :)

I'm glad you were able to salvage your day with finding a new place to wallow. Wallowing is fun!
Lois B said…
What a perfect day!

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