June 22 . . . a Monday

I took no photos today.  That tells me how boring my day was.  It's good to have boring days.

My sun burn seems to have turned to tan except on my upper chest and I know it is why I feel tired.

In the morning before work I began working on recreating another layout.  I did some blogging and then realized I needed to research my files for the ones I needed to record the video, only to realize I was missing one more that I had lost during the laptop hard drive crash.  I took time to figure out which layouts got lost during the hard drive crash and realized it was five in total.  It is a good thing I had uploaded them to Flickr as I have the full size version, just not the .psd file.  I'm not going to recreate all of them, but I will have to do one more.

I realized that the folders I had added to my Google Drive so that they back up so I don't loose anything in case of another hard drive failure were not syncing as I had thought they had.  My Drive was full.  It is a reasonable price to add storage at $1.99 a month and I may do that down the road and add more folders, but for now, I just want to fix the problem.

I spent my lunch hour and several hours after work moving files to my three EHD's.  I needed to do this anyway.  I'm so far behind on this project.  The folder I moved to Google Drive was my "to EHD" folder anyway.  It is all stuff that doesn't need to be on my laptop anyway.

It felt like such a waste of time though.  I have so  many other things to do, but that's why I always procrastinate this project.

I had the (for pay) cleaning job then to do.

Then the girls seems restless and full of energy, so I took them to the back yard and played for a while.

I spotted that all the plants in the dresser in the yard had fallen through, the canvas material they were resting on broken.  Now there is another project for tomorrow.

I needed to get more steps in for the day and did some running in place while watching t.v.  Hubby and I continued watching Alias episodes on Hulu until about 11:30 p.m.  Too late!


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