June 23 . . . a Tuesday

I got stuck in recreating a layout this morning because I couldn't find the font that I used.  It's like these obstacles make me want to just quit doing anything for a while.

I worked on getting more files moved to one of the free online backups (dropbox, google drive, or copy) and I'm getting close to having it all up, but may have to break organization sake and just put some files in an illogical place. I'm trying to go through odd files that should have been organized forever ago too, but the reason I've never organized them is because of time, so I need to make time to do this stuff.

I went to check to make sure a .pdf was it's smallest size before finding it a permanent home, but when I opened it up in the new Adobe Acrobat Pro DC, the interface was all different!  Ack!  I had to google to find instructions and spend time playing around.

This hard drive crash happening in succession with the Adobe CC 2015 coming out has been frustrating.  I have to stop and relearn the interface and new tools before I can even do anything.

I think it is crazy they named the new Adobe Acrobat reader and pro version with a "DC" at the end.  It stands for "document cloud."  I suppose because you can send documents to the adobe cloud to be able to have multiple people working on a project at the same time, as well as multiple devices for yourself.  It's supposed to have something new about recognizing text and putting it in the program for you, but I really haven't had time to watch the videos on the new software, nor download it to my tablet or phone.

Hubby has weeks of vacation coming up.  His work year based on when he started his job ends at the end of June and he has to use his vacation or loose it.  For the life of me, I cannot understand how he can have so much free time off and I never get it.  I guess he has a lot of personal days and bereavement time that I do not have, so I am always taking my vacation for such things.  For instance, I have already used 4 vacation days up to go to funerals this year.  I never get time at home for 1 week, much less several weeks, or even just a few days like he does.

So he's home and doing honey-do's.  He started painting the wood on the patio roof.  After last week's incident with the wood bee/carpenter bee, we learned they are less attracted to painted wood, and this was a project I had already wanted to be done, so he is starting here.

I like white.  I get comments of people critical of me always wanting the walls white, etc., but I just like it and how it feels.  It's easier too!  One can of paint color for many places, inside and out.

While the material we had nailed down to the dresser outside to support the dirt and plants had worked well for quite a few months, it broke through and we had to find another alternative.  We discovered the huge pots that we use for the banana plants fit snugly enough into the hole, so hubby went out and got another one of them.  I do not like it as well, but if the plants would grow and cover everything, maybe it will look better.  Maybe they will grow better in this pot.

Hubby only finished half of the patio roof painting job and he didn't feel like eating anything but sandwiches again.  I didn't want the same thing twice, so I made some caramelized onions and added them to my sandwich with ham and lots of white American cheese and toasted it.  They were really yummy.  Might have been fattening, but oh well.

I spent some time researching for an upcoming vacation.  It sure does take time just to prepare to go on a vacation.

We watched So You Thing You Can Dance.

I got my 6,000 steps on Fitbit and I am testing with my Fitbit friends a new-to-us challenge of a daily goal.  Some are so far out there on step numbers I cannot compete with them on the work week hustle anymore.


Tara D said…
I am totally with you when it comes to painting things white. I love it!
Hummie B said…
Did you see my white kick layout?

We've got more stuff to paint white yet for the patio. We'll get there eventually. Lov'n it though contrasting the green grass.

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