June 25 . . . A Thursday

Being up so late, I could not get rolling in the morning. I managed to blog the day before, read emails, and re upload failed uploads from the night before.

Hubby was able to paint the carport ceiling by noon. It was on our to-do as in bad need of a white-wash. Tommorrow he'll do the soffit under the front porch. For now, he is to do for his job in the afternoon nothing but relaxing. He is on vacation, so he should get some relaxing time in. He also needs to recuperate his back.

Today is my turn on phones at lunch time.  I did get some walking in. I really want to get my Fitbit steps in before 9 pm so I'm not forcing myself to get up out of the chair and run in place. 

We love these Golden Home thin crust individual-sized for pizza. They get so crisp! We used yesterday's taco meat to make our own yummy pizzas for lunch. It amazes me how far one pound of hamburger meat can go. 

We made fresh squeezed lemonade and fresh tea. I combined the two for my afternoon drink. I think they call this a "Tom Collins" except mine has no alcohol. 

When I got in the car after work my car showed it was 103° outside it went down a millisecond before I pushed the camera button.

Hubby and I debated what to do for the evening. We could have a "paper party" or go to the pool and relax or get the wading pool out and relax in the backyard. We decided to start with a "paper party" for a half hour and then try to go to the pool. This is my huge pile of papers to go through. However once we got started, we found it hard to quit. I am very happy to have made great progress on paperwork. We still have some more to do, but it is nice to break up the work. 

This frame fell off the wall and broke when I was vacuuming while we were refinishing the floors. I had hit it with the vacuum handle. I finally took the the time to put the puzzle pieces together using super glue. 
It is so nice to have my favorite layout back on the wall. Lots of people stop to look at it. I like how the frame is rounded to go with the round theme of the layout.

We decided to take the girls for a walk. I had already gotten in my 6000 fit bit steps. We took the long way around the park because there were so many baseball games going on. I smashed my fit bit goal getting over 9000 for the day. 

Hubby told me this double Quonset hut was a double turbo fan powered heart just for me. He is such a silly guy. The air was humid and smelled as such mixed with the smell of cut grass. The sun was going down in the sky which was pretty.

It was 8 o'clock when we got home and we still had not eaten supper. So hubby went to Dairy Queen to get some blizzards for dinner since I had a coupon for one for free.  Now that we are old, if I do we cannot eat dinner and dessert. That's sad.

I had not picked up my iPad since my laptop crashed. When I did so I realized it said it was 100% full. It appeared that it was syncing my music again. Do not understand why the settings always change and I don't do it. 

So after we watched TV, I plugged in the laptop and tried to sync it to the computer only to get this frustrating error. I googled the error and it indicated to restart both machines. I did so to no avail. I researched some more and found a programdata file to delete called lockdown. Of course, I had to restart everything once again. Finally after much time, I was able to get the iPad to start syncing. 

 Then it started with yet a new error. I was getting frustrated beyond frustration. I was spending time trying to figure out what to delete off the iPad, but the iPad was too full to move when I clicked anything. Finally after a long time and being up until after 1 AM I got it to sync.

Why does everything have to be so hard? I don't understand why my iPad was working perfectly fine before my laptop hard drive crashed. I have to fight to get anything to work. I can't I have simple days?  I had planned to go to sleep early because I was tired from lack of sleep the day before. But no!

This post has been brought to you completely by my iPhone app!  It is so much easier to update it all day long rather than to try to remember the next day.  I need to do that more often.


Dawn said…
Wow, look at you! Getting to-do's down a bit!! :)

As you know, I am not a tea drinker, but the lemonade/tea mix is called an Arnold Palmer. I only know that because there was a commercial about it on TV literally as I was reading your post lol!
Hummie B said…
Ah! Arnold Palmer! rotfl Yep. Well, they are both names, huh? My brain is wired funky.

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