June 26 . . . a Friday

I wanted to sleep in a bit this morning, being so tired, but Miss Tizzy woke me up a little after 6, having gotten down from the bed and barking at me from the side of the bed.  I drug myself out of bed and let her out.  Deciding it was a beautiful morning, I went out to the patio to relax on the couch.  The air still had a humid smell to it, but all the fresh morning smells and sounds I love were there too.

Miss Tizzy was a little stubborn terd!  I kept calling her to sit with me on the couch, but she kept barking at the door demanding to go in.  She finally came to sit on me, but would not leave me alone, poking and licking me.  So much for relaxing on the patio!  Up I went back inside, ready to start my day before my alarm even went off.

What did I get done?  I'm not even sure!  Oh, yeah, I did some blog posts as I'm trying to set up some for auto posting.  It feels like I got nothing done.  Where did the morning go?

Hubby was getting started on his final big painting "vacation honey-do" projects, which was the soffit along the front of the house. He was to paint it 2 or 3 years ago when he did the rest of the house, but never did. It must be on his procrastination list as a job he has to make himself do. It looks really bad with peeling paint that needs scrapping first. 

These are the luncheon watchers -- in stereo!

The pork for lunch turned out really yummy. Lots of fresh steamed broccoli and some mashed potatoes and a vacation planner book for a relaxing great lunch at home. 

The big court decision on gay marriages was decided today.  I am all for them getting benefits from a civil union the same as married couples do, such as tax benefits. However, my peeve is that it should not be called a marriage. Shouldn't all legal certificates be called "civil unions" and leave the word "marriage" up to the Church?  There is a difference between a legal annulment (almost never obtained) and a church annulment (most common), why not have both a civil union for everyone and a choice of a marriage for Christians?

Our LCMS president put out this in response. I saw a lot of things online that were well written and true, but I felt this said it best. It is a very humble statement, points to Christ, and reminds us that all sins are the same.  The bottom line to every controversy is that everything is about God, not us.

After work I realized that my personal yahoo email had not done a sync with my iPhone for the last 16 days. We were wondering what to do for the evening and I went to look up a local email that details activities and realized the account was not syncing. I was finally able to get it to work again by deleting the account in the settings and setting it back up. I had 118 unread messages to go through.

What's up with all these techy problems lately?  They sure are coming in waves of three and are a test in patience.

We talked for a long time about what to do and decided on pizza snacks and movies at home.  I think we will wait to do the cleaning job until tomorrow. The weather has cooled off and we really should be out at a park or on the patio, but sometimes we are just homebodies.  We watched red box trailers to choose a movie. I wanted to try out a new restaurant in town, but hubby did not. I suppose it is best that we do not spend money we don't have anyway.


Tammy said…
I'm a homebody, too. :) I'd rather watch movies right here in my house than in a theatre.
Hummie B said…
Plus you can watch 50 Redbox movies for the cost of one trip to the theater! And they have lots of free offers and coupons.

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