June 27 . . . a Saturday morning, spent in contemplation about new laws

A new first is what I woke up to today. . .
Then I saw someone post this. . .
As I sit here contemplating to comment or not on a gay engagement announcement and what to say, to show love or ignore and pretend I didn't see it...this was timely.   We are not to conform to the stands of this world (Romans 12:2)

What would you do as a Christian if you had a friend announce a gay engagement? With Facebook I surely got tested quickly.  Social media sure is a fast-forward button.

So it is easy to ignore and pretend you do not see on Facebook, but surely it will not be long before I am speaking to someone face to face and have to choose how to answer.

Do I show them God's love and say "I am glad for your happiness" or do I say "I do not believe in that" and walk away?  The closer I am to the people, the harder it will be, such as family instead of an acquaintance.

So my question is, what do I say and what actions do I take when I come face to face with a same-sex couple?

It is interesting and thought provoking to read comments on Facebook.

I read one that said that it is just not natural because the parts don't fit together.  That one made me laugh and no one can deny it's truth.

There are a lot of comments about America being founded on people with strong Christian values, and strong family values, and going on about how gay couples cannot have babies being against those values. That our country was built on equality, but same sex is not equal because they cannot reproduce.  Then someone comes along and points out that they are a straight couple unable to have a baby, so they adopt.

As hubby and I sit in bed discussing these issues, we are reminded of Sodom and Gomorrah in the Bible. (Genesis 18 and Genesis 19)  In 19:4,5 the men in the city surrounded Lot's house and request that Lot bring his two visitors (who happen to be Angels) out so they can have sex with them.  It shows how bad the cities had gotten, including homosexuality. Of course, the cities were full of more sin that just homosexuality, but so is our country. Of course, this instance is also about rape and not just same-sex, but the Bible also says all sin is equal. Our country has already become tolerable to sex before marriage, so now the laws even have become more tolerable to same-sex marriage.  And what did God do with these cities but to destroy them.  This is God's Word for me that if our country continues to deteriorate, God could do the same.

Then there is a comment on Facebook about how the Bible tells us not to judge and that people who are afraid to come out about their sexuality and personal stories of suicide.  How would I feel if my judgment on someone was the cause of their suicide?  If I showed love, even to "my enemies" wouldn't this be better?  But what is God's love?  Is it gently pointing out the truth or is it gently keeping the peace by non-confrontation?  Then there are the Facebook comments about how Christians are the cause for wars when they take a stand for their beliefs.  Sigh.

Then there is the Bible verse about plucking the log out of my own eye first before passing judgment on another. (Luke 7:5)

I think about how we are supposed to be loving so that those who are living in sin will see God's love showing through us and be curious and want to be like a Christian too, thereby working to save people through faith.  I know I have to get close to someone in a relationship before I share my faith.  It just works better to first gain that caring relationship and trust before sharing faith.  That is all good in theory, but in practicality, how do you actually do that in word and actions in a situation like this?

Then there was the Facebook comment about how we never see animals of the same sex together because it is not natural, so why and how did humans become different. Yet someone had to have seen female dogs together because we have a "b" word for that.  Thought provoking.

This same-sex legalized marriage is just the devil working his evil in the world and should be recognized as the same and that is easy to do, to recognize and acknowledge the work of satan.  However, how to act and what to say when we are face to face with the situation feels difficult to me.  However, the Bible does say we are not to sit on the fence.  Sitting on the fence is another way of saying we are non-committal.  Sitting on the fence is another way of saying we take the easy way out. (Matthew 12:30) We are not to be lukewarm as the bible says in Revelation 3:15-16.

Then there is the profound comment about how the country, even with equality laws, cannot treat black and white the same, so it will be a long time before it really achieves equality for same-sex partners.

Then we are reminded that Jesus said to the woman caught in adulterous act, "go and sin no more" (John 8:11) right after he told everyone else "“Let him who is without sin among you be the first to throw a stone at her.”  So we see God's love.  We see an example for us to not throw stones, or judgment, but to let God do the judging of the heart.

So in all this, where does it leave me?  It leaves me just praying . . .
Lord, please give me wisdom and knowledge and prepare my heart for what to say and what to do when I am confronted face to face with a same-sex couple.  Make me do what is right when the circumstance arises.  Lead me down the path You would have me take, whether it be bold and war-like or peaceful and with love.  I do not sit on the fence for I am with You, but I do see that You give me examples in Your Word that sometimes we need to take a stand and be bold and sometimes we need to not judge and show love.  Give me wisdom in circumstances as to what to do and say.  Spare our country and do not destroy it as Abraham pleaded for the city where he resided. Soften the harden hearts and give people Your gift of faith. Help me to love the sinner, but not the sin.  Help me to do this while at the same time not support the sin or make it appear acceptable.  Help me to keep your law above any worldly law, yet live in the world.  Lord, thank You for being constant and never changing.  This country's Supreme Court is always making changes, but You, Lord, are our Supreme God who never changes. But first a foremost, Father, forgive me.  Forgive my sins and remove that plank from my eye.  Thank You for your forgiveness and allow me the ability to forgive others.  Leaning on You today, Lord, I pray in Your name.  Amen.

..... and now, after spending a large amount of time in contemplation, I will start my daily blogging post over again in a new post.


AMarie T said…
Hate sin, love sinner.
Mary Ann said…
Very thought provoking post, I agree with Ann Marie's response though it does not answer all the questions it is a good starting point when deciding how to act.
Hummie B said…
Yes! Very true. And that is also part of the prayer at the end of this writing.
Because it is easy to hate and love something, but what you do to show both at the same time is the difficult part, so I instead just pray. God will lead.
Very thought provoking message, Hummie. Our pastor spoke on this very subject this past Sunday, with no easy answers. Our faith and our churches will be tested, and we must remain faithful to God and His instruction. His time of arrival is coming soon, and I find peace in knowing that the more corrupt our world becomes, the closer He becomes. I agree what has already been said, hate the sin but love the sinner.

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