June 27 . . . a Saturday

So I'm going to start my daily blogging post over. I woke up and found myself distracted thinking much too much about the new same-sex marriage laws and what that means for me.

We had made plans to go down to the farmers market and the downtown area which meant we had to get going sooner in the morning than usual. So that did not allow me time to do my normal Bible journaling on Saturday mornings. Not that I had not done my fair share of Bible study for a few hours.

For anyone that reads the pioneer woman, you know she calls her sexy wonderful husband Marlboro Man. This morning my own hubby became my Marlboro Man. 

Yep! He is also my number one man!
We passed a flower shop downtown that was selling flowers by the stem. I did not buy one but I sure did enjoy seeing them
We bought our Amish donuts which is a must have whenever you visit the farmers market. I ate one bite, in this photo, and left the rest for heavy.
I loved the little wagon with books. The sign said to leave a book and take a book. What a grand idea!
This stand had some gorgeous natural flowers from someone's yard. He was making up beautiful bouquets. I did not buy one, but I really appreciated this tiny bouquet in a small jar. I loved the stand it was in, as it was meant for drinking glasses for serving for a party. I really would love to get one of the stands and make my own little bouquets in it or serve drinks with it.
This stand at the farmers market really made us smile. The table had an extra set of legs. Apparantly, the little girl had told her mother not to tell people she was there. We did buy some lotion called "sunshine" at the stand. I am about out of lotion, so I justify the expense. It was fun to say we were buying sunshine and a bottle. We also bought a bar of soap and then some grass fed steak at two others stands. I also got a pretzel that was homemade, a loaf of bread from a Greek woman, and some vegetables.

We went to the Dynamite coffee shop which we had heard was popular, but never had a chance to go there. I don't like coffee, but hubby got a coffee with steamed milk. It sure sounded fancy, but I had trouble envisioning in my head what steamed milk was. Is it just milk brought to boiling when where it steams? We sat down for a bit at that point table with fabric covering it and flowers so hubby could have coffee and his Amish donuts. 
Next we walked a few blocks to the art gallery to pick up the empty Nester family photo that we had taken on the pet night the first Friday in June.

We were amazed it turned out. It was impromptu, sweaty from tunes at twilight and walking downtown, clothes we happened to be wearing, hair after a long day flat from heat, incompetent photographer who made us sit in pose 5 min while he figured out setting on his camera which happened to be he had turned his camera sideways, and we had to pose ourselves. Ria and Tizzy were so well behaved through it all, as long as we didn't break pose, they didn't! Smile!

The river was very high and the doors on the wall or closed.
We decided to try out the new restaurant in town called Minglewood brewery. They brew their own beer. The waiter was really friendly and nice. 

Hubby was able to taste test three beers and he chose one. They have wine too, but it was too early in the morning for me to drink wine. 
We ordered the margarita pizza and had him put the tomatoes all on one side. The pizza was $10, so I was expecting a larger pizza, but was actually glad it was smaller because we are getting older and cannot eat that much food anyway. The pizza was tasty and I would eat it again. We will have to come back to visit another time.
We walked down and visited my friend Sherry's store called Renaissance. She is really advanced her art skills to a new level. She does a lot of her own paintings which are amazing. But now she is adding collections which have layers of texture on them. I always enjoy the uniqueness of her store. I want to buy everything in it. We enjoyed chatting for a while with our friends.

This is what we got at the farmers market. I forgot I had gotten a scone from a church booth and I am going to have it with tea tomorrow. 
For today, though, I sat down to enjoy a cup of tea and eat my pretzel. At my friends store I had bought a gorgeous bird nest that is going to go in the guest bedroom. The theme for our guest bedroom is going to be birds and teal and green. I am excited about my find. We also bought a little book I cannot wait to read.
Hubby blew up the kiddie pool in the backyard. I brought my old chair to enjoy it to the poolside, along with my new book reading glasses, and tea. We enjoyed some time just relaxing in the backyard, because it's free, and sunning, drinking tea, and reading the little snippets in the book out loud and philosophizing about it. The pictures are adorable and I'm feeling inspiration from them for some digital scrapbooking layouts.
The girls started jumping up on the edge of the pool to sit by our shoulders. They do not like to get wet at all, but they are certainly people persons and always need to be right near us.
They were cracking us up and giving us a lot of laughs.
We unwrapped the bread we bought at the farmers market and found that the twisted dough interesting. It was very hard. Not sure we would like it, but we melted some butter and added some Parmesan cheese, dipping, and found it very good. I decided it was a lot like biscuits and I wanted some white gravy. Strange.
We made the grass fed steak for dinner and it was yummy.
In other news: Pete and rePete are in a boat, Pete fell over, who's left ?
Yes please! Our traditional wine and fire on the patio, this time with internet t.v.

Love me a summer patio fire with my hubby. 

What a fun-filled home town and home day!


Bev said…
Ah. Sounds like a wonderful day.
Tammy said…
Would have loved to have shared your day with you!

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