June 29 . . a Monday

I opened my eyes to this!  So adorable they are sometimes.  They were using Tizzy's bed as a pillow, cuddling each other, and had the covers over them like a human.  They started to wake as I fidgeted for my phone to take a photo.

I'm writing this 24 hours later and I cannot remember what I did before work on this Monday morning.  I think I did some post-scheduled blogging.

Lunch with hubby.  Leftovers.  Phone calls.

After work we met with our awesome neighbors to introduce them to the dog's feeding and schedule and whatnot.

Then we went to the pet store and bought their month's worth of food, as we usually buy for a month at a time.

Then the (for pay) cleaning job.

Then it was late at night and where did my day go?


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