June 4

I started my day getting a long overdue task done, the Journey of Book.  I had to figure out how to install an add on to Bridge to get it done, but after I found out how to do that, it wasn't too hard.

Then I blogged my day and did some other online things.

As I left for work, I spotted Ria on the bench.  She has never set on the bench before and it made me laugh.  So cute.  I'm not sure I want her there making the cushion fill with dog hairs, but I leave her and she never moves more than her eyes.  Look how clean my coffee table looks without stuff on it or blankets under it.  I like it, but it won't last long as soon as we clean more.

It was a stressful day at work.

At lunch time I did spend most of it cleaning and putting things back in the living room.  I had to wash all the dishes first before I could use the sink. Slow but sure progress towards reclaiming my kitchen.

After work, I felt stressed and did not feel like doing anything.  Hubby mowed the grass. The nightly (for pay) cleaning job was dirtier than usual.  We cooked dinner together.  I cleaned and put some more things back in the living room. I did listen to a two long podcasts on my computer through iTunes.  I really need to get these files off my laptop as they take so much room, but I never have time to listen to them.  I learned a few things.  I did a backup of my laptop. We turned on the air. It was only 77 in the house, but it felt humid.  I feel a failure today for my lack of progress on anything, but everyone needs a break.


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