June 5 - a Friday

I am so glad it is Friday.  This week has felt long.  It's a slow start to my morning again without productivity.  What's up with me?

During lunch I worked 40 minutes on touch-up paint in the living room furniture.  This is the furniture we painted at the end of last year and there are spots here and there where the paint has come off.  I'm guess I will have to touch it up for a while until it gets good.  I don't want to put anything back away after dusting until I put it on something nice.  I want to do it right or not do it at all.  This delays the clean-up process, but that's the way things go when you strive for the best.

By this time I am so hungry I'm shaking and I have little time to eat lunch.  I grabbed a hard boiled egg for starters.  Then I wrapped a slice of cheese in some turkey lunch meat.  I still was not feeling better so I ate another turkey-cheese roll.  I had to get back to work.

After work we decided we needed to get out and about as we haven't done much with our Spring except work on the house.  There was a lot going on downtown.  We loaded up the girls and went to Steve's Steak Burgers on Broadway.  It was a gas station now converted to a restaurant with only outdoor picnic tables for eating.  We've always wanted to try it.

I became annoyed when I had to repeat my simple order at least five times and then the order did not even come correctly.  What is so hard about "two small burger meals with tea and an extra onion rings on the side?"  We got one "meal" with onion rings instead of fries and one burger and drinks.  We received no fries that were supposed to complete our "burger, fries, drinks" "meal."  Every fast food restaurant knows what a "meal" is which is a special price if you buy all three.  The guy at this window even described and priced a meal and that is how we knew it was available here!

They checked our ticket and we did not pay for what we ordered, but what the guy at the window thought we were ordering, even though I repeated it so many times.  They did give us a fry on the side to fix it.

The food was okay, but the meat was so thin I hardly knew it was there!  I'm not sure we will go back.  I liked the idea of sitting outside with the dogs, but the service and lack of meat at a "steak burger" place was disappointing.

There were dogs out everywhere.  The girls had to "meet and greet" every dog that came to the burger joint.  They have this thing where they won't stop barking until they get their "meet and greet."  Then they shut up.  Grrrrrr  Do they not know that their barking is an unfriendly means for their friendly desires?  There has to be a life analogy in there somewhere.

The Arts Council had a "Pets Night Out" theme for the First Friday with the Arts.  There were dogs everywhere.  We walked around downtown looking for stores with the green sign as dog friendly, as opposed to the red sign for not dog friendly.  We never went in any stores.

We found a place that was doing photos and I decided to try a family photo since we can never get one with me always behind the camera.  The photographers seemed unknowledgeable about the camera and the composing (how to seat us).  We had to wait about 5 minutes in pose for him to figure out the camera settings and I was proud of the girls for holding their pose with us for that long.  I felt if I made one move, though, that they would break pose.  It was impromptu so I have no idea what my hair looked like and my black shirt had dog hairs all over it that I wonder if it will show up.  We may have suffered through a disaster, but time will tell.

Tunes and Twilight was already 20 minutes in so we had to stop our downtown walk and head to the gazebo so we wouldn't miss it.  The girls walked up the courthouse steps twice.  They don't seem to be effected by the walking distances at all.
Hubby ran to the car to get us a blanket and we laid on the lawn.  This is Miss Tizzy as she lays on my chest keeping guard over every person and dog that moves about us.

We enjoyed listening to the music and the crowd was large, as usual.  Of course, keeping Ria from barking at every dog to try to get herself a "meet and greet" is stressful.  The dogs can be exhausting sometimes!  One time she came out of her harness and jumped all over another dog.  She came back when I called.  I looked up and everyone around us was laughing at the escapades.  The girls always manage to embarrass us wherever we go.

After the concert we went back downtown and walked down Main Street.  The only place we saw to go in was the arts council and we enjoyed the art and each voted on a people's choice award.

The girls had been picking up lots of doggy treats wherever we went and they began refusing them. I guess they were either too full or too hot to eat any more.  Maybe they were just picky eaters.

We met someone from Pennsylvania who was driving from Texas home and he had stopped for the evening and was checking out the town.  He was totally impressed with our little city because of all the life this evening in town.

We walked down water street while a train came by and the girls were scared of the train.  

We sat at the river for a while on a bench.  I talked to my mom on the phone.  We've been trying to schedule a time together with her and my brother since Mother's Day.  My brother had texted to say tomorrow would be a good day and I agreed. My mom was busy again this weekend and could not get together again, although the weather was nice.  Yes, this is nothing new to me.  I'm always last place in her life.  Things will never change. She's made special arrangements for scheduling in all sorts of people for dinner and doings, but not me.  My mom's own desires or her own friends always come before her children.  Always have and always will.  Oh well.  I'm giving up.

It was late by the time we got home.  We were all exhausted, but it was a good evening and we didn't spend any money but $7 for the photo shoot and $12 for our meal.  Not too bad for a night out.


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