June 7 . a Sunday

Hubby slept in again today and I couldn't make myself wake him up.  I slept in later than usual too.  I finally woke him because even if we missed church, we needed to meet with small group because we had planned a lunch out in Illinois.

I thought we were late, but we pulled up at the same time as another couple and the other two had only been seated a few minutes.  We had a nice lunch together.

There is a flea market at the same location as the restaurant and we impromptu decided to look around.  Of course, there are lots of things we can buy, but I am in that stage of life where I'm striving to get rid of more stuff in my house than I bring in, so I am always careful to buy only things I know I can really use.  Hubby, of course, wants to buy everything he likes, just so he can shove it in a closet or drawer.

I thought we were going to get out of there without buying anything and then I found another nook up some stairs while hubby was in the bathroom.  I discovered an old weathered chair and I had been looking for one just like it.  I want it so I can use it to stage photography for photos, as well as for something unique on the patio.  It did not have a price tag on it and I was fearful of the price.  I was also afraid it was for display and not sale, as a lot of things seemed to be.  They asked us to make an offer and I was excited that it was reasonable!  After all that time in the store, I found my treasure!

Then I realized that the artificial tree we had looked at earlier which had no price might be for sale too, so we tried asking.  At first she indicated it wasn't for sale, but then said she would sell it to us.  We offered $10.  These trees are new at $85 to over $100 in the store and we've been wanting one for a long time now, unable to buy one, and so I am tickled happy!
We drove to the flea market across the street and I found some awesome weathered wood on barn doors and tables. I was taking lots of photos hoping for digital scrapbooking papers. This is what happens when it is so sunny you cannot see the photo viewer on your phone while taking photos.  Half of them had my shadow.  I was laughing when I looked at them, but in their own way, they are cool.

We got home at 2 p.m.  Then we were in a hurry to get to yet another small group at 3 p.m.  However, I told hubby I was afraid that we wouldn't get any to-do's done today, and that with a half hours time, we could at least wipe down all the floor sanding dust in the bathroom, so we took on the challenge and attacked it.  I'm glad we did, because that was all the productivity we got done!

We watched part of Mark Gungor: Laugh Your Way to a Better Marriage with small group and then did our couple communication time where we receive a question and then each of us write our answers and describe our feelings and then discuss it.  Snacks, sharing time, and a good afternoon was had.
At home, we wanted to work with our new purchases, so the tree got a bath in the shower.  I thought it looked so good there I wished I could leave it there!

We wanted the tree to put on top of the corner table in the living room, but it turned out too tall.  We decided we could cut it off and repack it into the pot, so hubby left to pick up a movie I had rented for 50 cents and some canned foam.
Meanwhile, I had fun playing with my chair!  See what fun photos I can take with it? And this is just my cell phone camera!

  The chair's new home is next to the couch where I plan to use it as a table for my drink and cell phone or iPad while I lay on the couch.  It is much better than the table I did not like that came with our kitchen chairs, that we sold earlier this Spring, that we had used in this spot last year.  I'm happy!

We sawed off the tree right out of the basket pot and then put it back in and filled it with canned spray foam that expands after you spray it.

However, it takes up to 8 hours to cure and 15 minutes until firm and I did not want to hold it that long.  So I propped it up next to the shelf and put some books on some of the leaves to hold it in place while it dried.  I decided I liked it in this spot too!  I think it would look great in so many spots!  I want another tree!  There were two more at the second flea market that was passed up and I'm thinking maybe I should have gotten another one.

After the movie, the tree was hardened enough that I felt I could move it to the corner table where it was intended.  We love how it fills that bare space of the living room, can be seen from the kitchen when you walk in the door, and makes the place feel comfy.  This is the table we had put our Christmas tree on and loved that too.

I played with our smart t.v. which we've had for a while now and did not realize it was after midnight! I had figured out how to navigate to the apps, finally.  We discovered that on the internet browser app we could go to cbs.com and watch our shows that way!  I've been waiting for cbs to pair with LG to add the app, but this will do for now.  I am happy that I took time to play.

It was 90 degrees outside today.  Whew!  Too bad we did not really get to enjoy it, but there will be more days like this!

I cannot believe the weekend is over already!


Tammy said…
Totally awesome finds!!

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