June 8 . . a Monday

In the morning I had to catch up on my blog postings as I had Saturday and Sunday, two filled days, to blog about.

During my lunch hour, I started out washing the dishes because the kitchen was looking a mess with our busyness over the weekend.  Nothing appealed to me for lunch, so I ended up putting a potato in the microwave while I cleaned and had a simple potato with some butter, salt, and shredded cheese for lunch.  I'm sure that was not too healthy for me.

Then I scrapped a layout with which I was quite pleased.  I loved the teals and green together and I was stoked to be able to get it done using the template so fast.

After work, hubby was working late, so I took the opportunity to get a head start on the kitchen cleaning.  I turned on the radio and was dancing while I cleaned.  Silly me.  Glad no one saw that! The kitchen is the last room we have to get all the sanding floor dust removed.  I started with the shelf over the window over the table.  I cleaned the window too, but hubby did the outside when he got home.

I changed out the kitchen curtains.  No sewing this month!  I put up my favorite curtains from last summer with the butterflies.  This sure does lighten up and brighten up our kitchen.

When I changed up the tablecloth, I had to spray it down with water to steam iron out the fold lines.  Every time I turned around the thing was sliding off onto the floor.  I couldn't figure out why until I spotted it blowing up like a balloon from the vent underneath the table and beginning to float off the table.  Hubby and I were laughing.  No worries, all the dark spots in this photo dried to a clean crisp tablecloth.  

We did the window over the sink too.  That double hung window is so difficult to open and drop down and we had a long discussion as to whether we thought it would be easier on the bedroom windows.  Should be get sliding windows or double hung when we replace the windows in the rest of the house?  We are so torn.

We did not finish the kitchen as we were starving, but got a lot done. I made chicken breasts and hubby made mashed potatoes.  I also had some cucumber.  Thereafter, the (for pay) cleaning job needed to be done.

I found a new t.v. show on HuluPlus and began watching it while running in place to get my FitBit steps up.  Hubby was doing some laundry.  Then we both collapsed to watch the t.v. on my laptop.  

That's when Miss Tizzy began her own show!  How many times have I said, who needs t.v. when we have the Ria and Tizzy show!  We actually stopped the t.v. and just sat on the bed and watched Tizzy.

I could see the scrapbooking title:

. . . the Mighty Huntress catches three flies

roftl  Scrapbooking titles are often the subject of our conversations and I wish I could remember them later to scrap them.  If I would just remember to write them down.  Well, I think I've done that before too and then forgotten what it meant weeks later when I opened the note and sat baffled wondering why I had written down those words.

We were in awe at Tizzy's eye sight!  Even when we had the lights off, she followed that fly everywhere!  We sat and watched her little head turn and cock to the side, this way and that way, as her eyes followed the fly. She was attentive and in focus for so long.  

Hubby got the fly swatter and we sat and watched Tizzy until she stopped moving and focused on one spot.  Yep, that was where the fly had landed!  Hubby managed to kill two of the three flies.  We played the game and watched The Tizzy Show until she was exhausted and laid down to fall asleep.

Who needs to chase flies when you have The Mighty Huntress to do it for you.  She almost caught them in her mouth a few times when they flew by her.  Ria seemed to just watch Tizzy.  She would see the fly every so often, so she knew what was going on, but seemed to let Tizzy do the hunting and then watched for that moment she could join in after Tizzy spied it.

Yes, this is the empty nester life when our dogs entertain us instead of our children.


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