June 9 . . a Tuesday

I started my morning off working on an overlay for the DigiHop.  I've convinced myself to only make one file and keep things easy and stress free.  Of course, nothing ever goes easy.  Isn't that Murphy's Law.  I cannot even finish the one file before I have to go to work.

At lunch time, I'm able to finish the file, but I still have to make a layout with it.  There is more work that goes into sharing freebies than most scrappers realize. It is so time consuming.

The girls are not used to being inside all day and when I get home for lunch, they cannot wait to get outside.  If I don't go outside, I actually get a little peace without disturbance.  I spotted them out the window just sunning and lov'n being outside.  Yep, just like their momma!  Um, I mean me!

I had started getting some itchy spots on my body the night before and now there are even more.  I've been itchy all day everywhere.  It's driving me batty.  I cannot decide whether they are poison ivy or bug bites, but I'm leaning toward poison ivy.  Where do I get this stuff?  I haven't worked outside since Saturday and it doesn't take this long for it to show up. Ack!

I had plans already to get some flea and tick meds for the girls before we do any outdoor plans this summer, so I called the vet and hubby went to get the pills over his lunch hour.  It cost us $107!  Yikes!  But the stuff you put on the dogs backs costs even more.  This lasts for 12 weeks and divided out is less money than the monthly slime stuff to put on their backs, which I've always disliked because then you cannot put the dog and you're afraid to give them a bath and wash off the stuff.  So although it costs a lot and that hurts, I'm really thankful for the new science of pills over slime liquid on their backs.

After work, I made a quick layout with my freebie creation, but it was difficult with hubby interrupting me every five minutes trying to make me do dinner.  I tell him I think BLT's would be good.  What does he do?  He gets all the ingredients out for my BLT and then calls me to put it together.  I tell him okay.  But instead of waiting on me to finish what I was doing, he calls me every 2 - 5 minutes.  I finally give up and go to the kitchen to put together my sandwich only to find he is not eating the same and he was waiting on me to make mine dinner before he would start his dinner.  How ludicrous is that!  Just absurd that he does not go ahead and make his own dinner and leave me be.  I thought he was waiting on me to eat with him and he was starving.  Absurd.  That's him though.

I've got quite a few to-do's before our busy weekend to get done and I can never get anything done when he's around as he interrupts me every few minutes.  We go around and around with this year after year.  One of these days I'm going to buy a lock to the bedroom door, from the inside, so he can't get in to bother me while I'm busy.  Not really.  I just feel like it.

I get my hair cut about every three months.  I push it as long as I can to save money.  I schedule it when I cannot stand it anymore.  I got my hair cut after work and it took up my vital evening time to do other things.  I am thankful for my haircut and I am thankful for a good hair stylist too.  All I have to do is text him that I'm ready and he texts back the appointment.

I had spied this fun spiked sno-cones with kona ice in an email and hubby agreed that we had to go for the free tasting.  It was about 7 p.m. when we left and we really enjoyed sampling each of the flavors.  The Boysenberry with Domaine Canton Ginger Liqueur was my favorite.  It was the third one we tasted.  There were six to taste.   I had heard about the Primm liqueur somewhere online with people raving about it, but apparently you cannot get it locally yet.  Other people at the tasting told me that and they were exclaiming how good it was too.  The wine place where we did the tasting will order it for anyone, but at the cost of $26!  Um, no!

We spent time looking around at the wines as I always like to buy when I take something for free.  I saw this bottle and the color really appealed to me.  I did not think the description made it sound like something I would like.  Of course, we are always trying to save money, so we ended up buying a bottle that was on sale/clearance.

At home, we watched So You Think You Can Dance while I ran in place to get exercise and steps on my Fitbit.  I had 2,000 steps to do just to make my 6,000 goal and then I kept going and ended up with 8,854.  I don't think all this exercise is helping me loose any weight, though.


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