May 30

The church sermon today was on the beatitudes and it was a good one, making us realize how we try to keep the beatitudes as commandments for character or law.  I read my Bible from my iPad in the pews.  We enjoyed small group after worship.

I had bought a new pillow yesterday while we were shopping.  Have you ever walked by something that you were not shopping for and knew that it was perfect and that you just had to get it now because later when you would be shopping for it, there would be nothing to find?

My theme and colors for the guest bedroom are going to be that of this fabric I found that I took and framed and hung on the wall at least a year ago.  I just do not have time or money to decorate it yet.  The theme is birds and the colors are teal and green.  So you see I just had to get the pillow.  I would normally get the bedding first, but I suppose I'll be backwards.

After church I got frustrated with hubby again and was teaching myself patience.  I kept waiting on him to ask me if I were hungry or to ask about starting the floor, but he kept dawdling about doing this or that.  I don't like always being the one to dictate what we do and I try to let him (be the man), but it doesn't happen.  It wasn't until I sat down on my computer that he finally asked me if I was hungry.  It's like my computer is a magnet for him to interrupt me.  He always does.  I should have sat down earlier.

We decided to throw in some pizza and start on the floors, so I told him I would turn on the oven while he got out the sander and the cords all plugged in.  I decided while the oven was heating that I wanted to try something I'd seen in social media with potatoes, to do it while the oven was already on.

Meanwhile, he realizes that the special run last night he made to get sandpaper because we had forgotten it was for naught.  He bought the hook and closure type instead of the adhesive type.  He had to run to the store to exchange it.  Sigh.  Always something.  I am thinking about how he did not listen to me about types of sandpaper when I discussed it (told it to ears that did not hear, but mouth that replied) when I had purchased it the last round.

So while he's gone, I'm cutting up the potatoes.  I used two skewers on either side of the potato to make the slices so they did not go all the way through.  I was amazed at how well it worked.

I mixed together some oil and spices and salt and pepper and brushed it in between and on the potatoes.

They baked for 45 minutes and were supposed to be crisp, but were just a little crisp.  I suppose I should have made the slices thinner for that to happen.  They do not look like the video I'd seen all shiny and appetizing.  I suppose they call that the "pinterest effect" or "marketing effect."  They probably put more oil all over them to make them shiny and pretty.  I'm not going to add calories.

I did add some shredded cheese in between the slots and one piece of American cheese over the top and popped them back in the oven to melt.  Hubby thought they were very good.  I thought it was just so so and probably not something I would make again unless I did the toppings different.  I did like the toasted cheese splots it made.

Hubby got back from the store 5 minutes before the potatoes were done, so we decided to just eat them and forget the pizza.

It was 2 p.m. before we were able to begin on the floor.  After my plan being to start it yesterday and the delay in taking so long to paint around the windows messing that up, I am really testing my patience now and keeping my mouth shut and going with the flow.

I sanded the hallway.  The dust was choking me.  Thankfully, we had closed the bedroom doors and put old shirts underneath them to keep the dust from going into the newly cleaned rooms.

Thereafter we decided to as much of the living room furniture as we could into the kitchen so we could do the largest area of the living room as possible.  We put the gate up so the girls could not get past the kitchen.

Tizzy decided to make her toybox that got moved under the table her bed.  So cute!

It took us a long time to sand.  Hubby did the first sanding and I went outside to get some fresh air.  That dust in the hallway with no where to escape while I was sanding had made me a little off.

Then we both worked and worked on the final tweaking of the floor.  There was a lot of work to be done in front of the door where all our previous dogs, Duffie Jo, Webster, and Abbie Rae, had seem attracted to pee.  It was the only spot in the house they ever messed, so that was a good thing.  I'm guessing dogs before we lived there also had marked the spot and that is why they were attracted to that spot.  Thankfully, Ria and Tizzy seem to only be attracted to rugs.  So we just picked them all up.  The only ones we have are in the bathroom and we pick them up and throw them over the edge of the tub when not in use.

We found some strange circles all over the floor that would not sand up.  I finally figure it out.  They were leftover bubbles from when he used a roller on the floor twenty years ago (like he made the mistake again on our bedroom as you may have read in a recent blog post).  The only way I could get them off was with a metal scrapper.  I was exclaiming that this was what the bedroom would look like years from now, but hopefully we won't be the ones here dealing with it anymore as we will be too old.  I had thought we had gotten them all off when we had done the floors the second time years ago, but I guess not as there were still some to deal with.  What a pain in the behind!

We had bought a new brush to appease hubby made especially for this purpose and it worked beautifully.  We also spent extra money (about $15) and bought the polyurethane made especially for floors and I think it really made a difference.  I can see that it is much smoother.  It is supposed to be stronger too.

It was about 6 p.m. when we finished the first coat on the floor and I was determined to do my other to-do for the weekend (as well as to get away from the smell).  The vet had told me when I called for advice too try dramamine to calm Ria in the car.  She tries so hard, but makes such a ruckus.  It hurts our ears.  She will carry on for an hour until she throws up and then she will get calm.  I'm not sure if she is car sick and it is causing her to whine and cry or if it is adrenaline and she is so anxious and excited that she carries on until it upsets her stomach.

So I gave it to her a half hour before we left.  I saw her shake her head once about 10 minutes after I gave it to her, but it did not otherwise seem to make her go to sleep.

As always, when I pick up the carry bag, harness, and leash, Ria turns into a "WILD CHILD."  The medicine did not do too much to her.  We can tell she is a little calmer, but she is still jumping and carrying on barking and whining while we try to get on the harnesses.  Sigh.

As we leave, there is a little rain.  Sigh.  So much for a walk. But I am determined to test the medicine before we take our camping trip with the dogs.  She seems pretty happy, as in the above photo.  She is a little less intense, but still annoying.

At one point, when I stopped at a stoplight, I did spy Ria laying down.  Ah!  A good sign!  But it did not last long.

We drove around both county parks waiting for Ria to calm down.  She never stopped, but she was less intense.  There were a lot of ducks out in the grass at both parks.

She would lay down for a while and whine this way and then sit up  for a while, but never stopped whining, nor go to sleep, which is what we had hoped would happen!

I had actually used a leftover prescription of mine, so we wondered if maybe it had lost its potency, so I drove to Walmart and hubby ran inside to get a new package to test another day.  Thankfully it was not too expensive.

We watched t.v. from the bedroom.  Since half the hallway was done, we had to carry the dogs to the bedroom with us and hop over the wet part of the floor.  We had to hop over it to go from the bedroom to the bathroom.  What a pain, but hopefully worth it.

At 9:30, hubby got up to paint the second coat before we went to bed.

The plan is to paint the third coat before we go to work in the morning and then in the evening put some of the furniture back and move the other furniture into the kitchen to begin work on the smaller area of the living room and to paint the other half of the hallway.  We'll see how it goes.

Oh, two bad things are happening today.  Sigh.  Life is never easy!  First, when hubby was plugging in the vacuum in the living room, the lights flickered and sparks flew and now we have no electricity in half of the living room! We were racing the daylight trying to get the sanding done.  Now we have to call an electrician!  The breaker was not blown, so it is something more severe.  We had this plug fixed before thinking it was a fire hazard years ago, but I guess it was not really fixed.  Sigh.

The other bad thing is that my car is not breaking right.  It is either the breaks or the tires.  Last month when it first started happening, we had to have it inspected for licensing and usually when they inspect the cars, the upsell and come back and tell you everything that needs to be fixed with the car.  So we did the inspection, it passed, and they said nothing was wrong!  So we let it go.  But now it is getting worse.  It must be fixed.

We don't have money for these things.  It is this kind of thing that stresses me out.  Plus, hubby goes on days now and is not at home to get them fixed during the day hours, so one of us has to use up vacation time to be home.

Well, that was a lot to blog about!  I wonder if anyone reads?  Doesn't matter I guess as I am doing it to 1) just journal and write and 2) preserve memories.  If someone reads and cares, that will only be a blessing on top.


Dawn said…
My goodness!! What a day for you!! You sure are making great strides at renovating your house!

I'm intrigued by the potatoes. Maybe I will try it the next time I buy potatoes.

Praying for your car and the electricity in your living room! God has a purpose. We don't know what it is yet... but there is a purpose!
Hummie B said…
Thanks for reading Dawn. I think you've missed a lot of what we've done that I've shared on the blog. You'd be amazed at the changes, since you've been here and know what it looks like.

If you do the potatoes, let me know how they come out and if you try it differently. It's a great idea, but something is not quite right.

Thanks for the prayers. We need a break on expenses so we can start going down on debts and not up!
anitab said…
I'm reading, too. I always find lots of interest and lots to identify with and some things that inspire me in your posts.

Our dog was a 'rescue' dog, so we don't know about his first year. When we first got him, he would act agitated, until he threw up. I believe he was 'dumped' from a car. Once we arranged it so we could reach back and pet him he does fine now. Also, when he finally got over it was when we took a 3-week road trip! :)
Hummie B said…
Anita, so glad you are reading! Thanks! I appreciate the friendship.
I think Ria, after last night's journey, really just wants to be in my lap! I wanted a lap dog and that's what I got! Not hubby's lap. Mine. I can reach back and touch her. Hubby can even hold her in his lap. Nothing quiets her by my lap.
Tammy said…
Bummer about Ria. Hope you find something that works.

You make me wish I liked cooking. Almost. ;)

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