May 6 - a Saturday

I started out my Saturday morning as my usual, in bed, awake for hours, while hubby and the dog sleep, able to have laptop time.  I was able to blog the day before and do my Bible journaling layout and some other online regular tasks.  I wish I could have done something more productive.

Hubby didn't get up until around 11 a.m., after I woke him.  It sure makes for a late start to the day, but I enjoy my laptop time and time with God on Saturday mornings.

My underwear hero has fallen down on the job!  I have no clean underwear!  Then he thinks he's going to resolve it by putting a dirty pair in the dryer and "tossing it."  Men!  They have no idea what happens in women's underwear.  lol  I told him the fastest way to fix the problem was to run to the store to get me some new underwear.  I've been needing some for a while now anyway.

It was a beautiful day outside, but we decided it was best if we forced ourselves to work inside first.  It took us a while, but we finally finished cleaning in the living room.  There is only one thing left to clean and that is to polish the silver.  We felt good to have that done.  Now the bathroom and the kitchen need cleaning, but those should be smaller and easier jobs.

It still smells like polyurethane each time I enter the house.  When will it go away?  The floors look good though.

I came in second place on the Fitbit challenge, but I got a nice praise on having hit 6,000 goal for five days in a row.

We wanted to eat as we were hungry, but could not decide on what to eat.

Outside we began working on the walkway in the garden.  There are some beautiful orange tulips blooming!  The walkway has some low areas where water sits and they tend to collect a patch of mud.  I spent an hour or two (time goes by fast) with a hand scrapper, sitting on the bricks, scrapping off the mud, while hubby swept it up.  He swept the whole walkway while I began some much needed weeding on the right side of the walkway.  Finally, it is look much better out here!  Just being able to walk down a clean walkway makes a huge difference.  I had pulled a lot of weeds out of the bricks, but there are still a lot more to pull.

Then we started on the beds.  We started with the first one and worked our way back.  I was in front and hubby was in back.  Mostly, I picked out all the ivy leaves that had fallen from the neighbors tree.  I fear that tree.  The ivy has killed most of it and I imagine it falling on our bedroom, but the neighbors won't cut it down.  I think they would if they had money.  I offered to pay half the cost one year and that didn't even help.  I don't like picking up all these tiny dead leaves either!

The flower garden looks so pretty with so many things blooming right now.  It is really changing daily.

We are also pulling up all the died-back daffodil leaves.  It is making the bed look much better.  Hubby had dug with a shovel to pull a "weed" a few days ago when he noticed there was a tag!  We had agreed we didn't know if it was a weed or a flower, only to find out it was a New England Aster that was about 6 feet tall.  He tried to put it back, but it is wilting now. Sigh.  We gave it some new soil and water.

We made it through three beds (sort of, they need more work) and I changed to a new task.  We were getting tired as we had worked all afternoon.  I got a bucket of dishwashing-soaped water and a brush and scrubbed the bird do-do off the swing and then started down the walkway bending over to scrub all the bird do-do spots.  It's not pleasant walking barefoot and trying to avoid those spots.  I don't want company thinking about it either.  That is, if we would ever get company.  I was exhausted by the time I was done as that scrubbing was harder work than I thought it would be and there were more spots than I imagined, all the way back to the patio.  Hubby was watering the plans and hosing the walkway down.

We decided to end our day relaxing on the patio with a movie.  I started up the laptop and while the updates ran, we read together through a flower book.

I was laughing at this flower's name of "American Bladder-nut."  rotfl  Oh yeah, that would describe me sometimes!

We watched Redbox trailers and picked out two movies and hubby went out for the movies and food.  He picked up some pre-made sandwiches on pretzel bread, chips, and wine at the grocery store.

We watched two movies and had a nice evening on the patio relaxing and making our own fun.  Tizzy finally got tired and went too bed on the couch.  I went over and tucked her into the blanket and then she curled back around and dug her head under.  It was so cute with this blob on the couch and we could not even see her anymore.

Ria, who is always jealous for attention when her sister gets some, messed it up by joining Tizzy on the couch, hoping for her own attention.  Then as our reaction, we made her stay on the couch and she was not happy with that.  She'd rather be in my lap.

When the first movie ended, it had such great music playing for the credits that we got up and danced on the patio.  We grabbed the girls and they danced with us in our arms too.  It was a good 'ol impromptu time on the patio and if our neighbors were watching, I hope they got a smile.  We went to bed really late.


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