Photograph Class - I'm looking for your images
What an amazing example by Tammy of the Photography Class lesson on white balance.  I love that she posed the bear on a white background for staging as that worked well for this example.  Here's the lesson.

Last week I added student images to the pages on the class guide and I found I was missing a large section of them.  If you do the photography class or have done it in the past, I would appreciate you resubmitting or submitting your images so I can get them on the pages to inspire others that do the class in the future.

It's free!  What are you waiting for?  Summer is a perfect time to play with your camera.  I hope to do some more lessons to add to the class as I have more planned.


Maggie Adair said…
I need to still do my photos for this class. Great work on yours, Tammy

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