Praying for your Wife

Your marriage is too important for you not to invest in praying or your wife. Prayer will bring you and your wife closer. There's no more spiritual way to express your love for your wife than to pray for her. Here are some ways you can pray for your wife:

Pray that-

...I will be the kind of person God wants me to be so I can be the best husband possible.

. . . That I may show how I love her, and how to pray for her in all situations.

...she will walk closely with Christ, be filled with the Holy Spirit, and be able to discern.

...God's will and follow it. God will give me insight into her emotions, and that she would enjoy stability and peace.

...God will enable my wife to be the best mother she can be, that God will assist her. She will communicate clearly with me; that I will be able to help her stay calm and rely on God's grace.

...God will continually strengthen our marriage, protect it, and grow the love between us.

...she will respect and trust me as a spiritual leader, and that I will be empowered to earn that trust. wife will enjoy close friendships with Christian women, get along well with family members, and be able to forgive people who have hurt her.

...God will give her the wisdom she needs to discern how to set her priorities, and the grace to spend her time accordingly.

....God will give her confidence that she is beautiful in His sight and mine, and that He will help her value herself and take care of her body. That we will enjoy a mutually fulfilling sexual relationship.

...she will recognize God's purpose for her life, and be able to live it out as she uses her gifts.

...She will completely trust God, me as her husband, and be trustworthy herself. God will protect her physically, mentally and spiritually wherever she goes. wife will follow the dreams God wants her to pursue. she will bring glory to God.

...God will heal her from past hurts, and give her the freedom to step into the future as a healthy mate and mother.

...God will bless her future. God will motivate her to choose to follow His leading, and give her the grace to do so. God will bless her, moment by moment. AMEN.

Author Unknown


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