Save for Web in Photoshop CC - Ouch! I want it back!

I learned yesterday while trying to find the Save for Web in the new Photoshop CC that it is being replaced with "export as." Here is Adobe help page. That is fine except for two things.  First, the popup box is missing many features. Second, many actions will have to be redone to go to the new feature rather than the old, especially since the menu structure is different.

For now, under File and then Export you can see both options.  Export As is what is replacing Save for Web.  I sure hope they change it to have the same abilities as save for web, especially the ability to see the new size so that I know my image is small enough to upload to galleries.

Note that Save for Web has "Legacy" in parenthesis. Legacy in Photoshop simply means to use the old method rather than the new method.  It means that this feature will soon be phased out.  Similar to "Beta" which is the word used when a feature is being phased in.

It takes more clicks to get to the feature because Save for Web used to be on the Filed drop down menu, but now it is there and an additional two clicks.


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