Someday . . . a photo of a Lane I want to walk down

Someday Ballybracken
This is my layout for the Layout Artisan Competition at With Love Studio.  The challenge is to scrap about my bucket list and to use a shape as a frame for the photo.

I would have journaled, but I have it on another layout I think, but my Grandma went to Ballybracken, Ballynure, Northern Island to find the house where her Dad lived before he came to America at age 16.  She did not find it.  In 2003, a year after Grandma passed away, I connected with a second cousin of my Mom's online and she ran right out and took photos of the family homestead and emailed them to me.

She told me this would have been the road he walked down to go to the train that took him to the boat to leave America.  I just wish my Grandma could have seen the photos she sent me.

It's the only bucket list thing I have is to go there in honor of what my Grandma wanted to do.  I have other things I'd like to do, but none I have to do before I die but this one.


Joann said…
do you have a tutorial on how to use a shape as a frame for a photo? Joann
Hummie B said…
I actually have another layout I just did for an upcoming blog that also uses a shape and we did a scraplift challenge a few weeks ago with a letter shape, so I am planning on recording a video next week to go with the upcoming hop with inspiration and sharing my layers in my recent layouts. In this layout though, the shape is simply clipped with the same background paper and then the angle of the drop shadow is such that the drop shadow falls on the right side so it seems the photo is tucked in. I did use a layer mask on the left side of the photo. Oh, I may just have to do that video. Thanks for the inspiration.
Joann said…
I am so looking forward to your video/ thanks/ JOann
grambie said…
Oh my goodness. Hummie, you are blessed. I am so thankful that you connected up with your cousin and was able to share this compelling photo and family information with us. We tried to trace our family, but my grandmother on my father's side would not give us any information. During that time, as many people of color who could pass, they did so. All we wanted to know was our lineage, her parents, etc., but she refused until her death at age 97. My father died of cancer at age 49, so my uncle abided by her wishes. I am still going to try again, because now there are only two females left out of five with two brothers. Thank you for this layout, it has made me more determined to try again. I look forward to the video for that wonderful technique.
Hummie B said…
Grambie! I'm glad that this reminded you. Yes, it is time to do the asking now before people pass on. I have so many questions I could have asked that I never did.
anitab said…
This is a compelling layout, Hummiw - attractive, plus it just reaches out and grabs me! My father had FF DNA testing done last fall (we finally know who my Daddy's great-grandfather is!); and I'm corresponding with a 'cousin' in Ireland (estimated to be 2nd-4th Cousin); we know both our ancestors are from Galway, which is the opposite side of Ireland from your family. But still, both from Ireland! :)

Grambie, I agree that your should pursue learning all you can! My great-grandfather (Daddy's grandpa) was adopted; we do know now who his father was, but don't know who is mother was; it appears that he was born to an 'out of marriage' relationship, and I believe that my grandparents knew more than they shared with us. I just want to know - the other part doesn't concern me; I'm just grateful for all who went before!
Unknown said…
I love this page and what a wonderful story to go with it. I look forward to the video you are going to make.
Sue Erickson

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