Uninvited and Unwelcome House Guest - What a story!

This story was just too good to keep to myself.

My co-worker has two cat doors in which her cats have to go through to get to her utility room to eat food.  The cats are primarily outdoor cats.  They had noticed a problem with the cat food disappearing, so her husband went out and bought a motion detecting "wild game" camera on Sunday and set it up to see what exactly was coming into the house at night to eat the cat food.

Her daughter saw the visitor the first time he came in (while standing on the kitchen chair, as if that was going to help if he attacked).

This visitor had full access to the house too!  Plus, he visited while they were sleeping.

I just had to laugh when I saw the succession of photographs today!

Hello Mr. Raccoon.
I see you at least were smart enough to wear a mask.
What was that?  A flash of light?
So you are not afraid, Mr. Raccoon, of a little flash of light and are coming to investigate.

I am told that one of the cats and Mr. Raccoon had an encounter around 3:30 a.m. on camera and it appeared they had a little brawl which knocked over the camera and ended the photographing sessions.

The cat doors were locked last night so Mr. Raccoon didn’t get to enjoy dinner at her house!  She is working on getting a trap so that Mr. Raccoon can be taken to a new home and let loose.

Now I want one of those cameras!  I have some squirrels to catch in the act!


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