Who are You? My journaling layout made tonight.

I joined the Layout Artisan Competition at With Love Studios and the first challenge was to be a white space layout with the theme "Who are you."  I decided to begin my journaling using the "Who are you" as a starter prompt, which turned my layout into "me talking to myself" journaling, rather than changing it to "Who am I?" or the like.

I thought about making the text smaller so that there was more white space, but decided to stay true to myself and keep it readable because the journaling is what is important in the layout.

who are you

Journaling reads: Who are you? Do you even know who you are? Will you ever know who you are? Will you spend your  life growing and thinking you know who you are, only to change and   not know who you are again? Will you do something you do not  intend to do and exclaim at yourself, “that is not who you are;  why did you act not like yourself?” Will you spend your life chasing to know who you are? Does it really matter if you know who you are? Or is that a waste of time? You are not something you do or accomplish. You are not how you look on the outside, the color of your hair or size of your body.  You are not a relationship. So what does that leave? Character traits? Do you have character traits you think you are only to find yourself goofing up and realizing those character trait desires are only a hopeful picture of yourself? Does it really matter who you are? 200 years from now will it matter who you are?  Only to God.  God is here now and He will be the only one here on earth 200 years from now.  You will be in heaven where the chase of knowing yourself will end.  You are a child of God and that is all you need to know.

Products used: Chunlin Designs A Little Weird and Chunlin Designs Big Earth Little Me

The overlay is a paper from the kit that had cool vertical lines which I masked to create grungy edges and vertical lines over text and layout.

Photo selfie with iPhone taken today just for this layout.  I really need a haircut, but I don't have time!

There is supposed to be voting on these layouts for the competition on Monday and we can ask people to vote and there are more points from the judges, but I do not plan on asking for votes and sending people.  If you do vote, I will appreciate that.  I am doing this just to scrap and did enjoy making this layout.


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