Windows 10 Free upgrade - Your thoughts?

Last night this popped up on my screen inviting me to register in advance for Windows 10, for free.  Wow!  I'm impressed it is for free as I was thinking about how I'd have to spend some money this round.  I wonder how they can be doing it for free? There has to be a catch, right? Will they expect us to spend money in an app store or something like that?  

I've read about what is missing in Windows 10 from what is on my laptop now and I think I'll be okay.

What are your first thoughts?  I'm anxious for the upgrade as I am still in Windows 7.

Here is another video to watch.  I'm not sure about Cortana.  They call her "she" and it sounds a lot like Siri to me.  Cortana ap can be downloaded and installed on my iPhone to sync with it.  Interesting.

Microsoft Edge will be replacing Internet Explorer.  I think this is probably long overdue and I hope it is well done.  I like that Cortana is built into Edge.

Here is the page for Windows 10 specifications.  I'm wondering if my older laptops will be okay.

It took me a while to find it, but there is a drop down box icon on the Windows app and i can click on "Check your PC."

My main laptop seems okay with the exception of a bunch of bluetooth alerts.


Dawn said…
I got those icons on both my PC and laptop. I reserved mine for the PC with no trouble, but when I went to reserve the laptop, it said that my wireless adapter may not be compatible, so I declined it. Then my wireless card stopped working!!! I had to do a system restore to earlier in the day to get it working again.
Tricia Berg said…
Interesting! I have Windows 7 on my laptop, but I never let it run the updates, so maybe that's why I haven't received any notice of this. LOL (By "never," I mean that I have 3 browser windows open with 50 tabs open in each and so I don't shut down or do updates that will insist on a reboot afterwards, so I'm waiting to finish reading the pages I have open, etc.) Ugh...
Hummie B said…
Oh my, Tricia! I'm surprised your laptop doesn't run out of RAM and crash on you. Bookmark those pages to come back to. Or what I do sometimes is to drag the icon in the address bar to my desktop. It creates a shortcut. Then I can go back by clicking. I do that sometimes when I want a temporary bookmark. Such as when I'm shopping and trying to choose between certain things or looking to choose between recipes.

My old laptop said it needed a new graphics card. I'm not sure about updating that computer now. I'm wondering if it wouldn't support a new graphics card. That's more serious than bluetooth. I don't really use the bluetooth and I think it's just some driver updates for the bluetooth. I'm going to contact customer service where I got the computer.

Dawn, maybe you need a new wireless card anyway. It might be going out on you and this windows app detected it.

mddavis53 said…
I belong to a Seniors computer group and this came across from one of the very knowledgeable members. I haven't looked yet but it may help. Skip all the Windows 10 Marketing .. Test drive the most recent Windows 10 Preview

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