a vacation layout

LookingGlassFalls As I've been doing, I've been venturing out into other forums again to see where I fit in, with designs in the stores I like and galleries that inspire me, and folks that accept me.  This time I'm poking around at oscraps.com .  I did this layout using Anna Aspen's template (other credits are on Flickr, click on image to go to Flickr).  I have always seen her designs and followed her blog somewhat and enjoyed her style, but for some reason, in all these years, I have never played along.  I suppose now is a good time!

I enjoyed exploring the layers of the template.  I clipped color adjustment layers to each of the fun brush and texture layers in this template.  She sure did put a lot of work onto this template.  I did add two photos that were not on the template because I felt I needed them to tell the story.

It was awesome to be able to just grab some journaling off of my blog post from the many blog posts I made during my vacation.  I started to write the journaling on the layout and then stopped myself, realizing how silly that was!

Oh, you know, every time you post, you see something you would change.  I should have grunged it up around the photo of the sign! Now I'll always see that!  I think I was in a hurry to just get a layout done.  (ah, I did fix it!)


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