#biblejournaling #illustratedfaith 1 Corinthians 7 - 9

The His Kingdom Come theme for July is "honor" which is fitting for the Independence Day theme in the States.  Last week the devotion was on independence vs. dependence, but I was gone on  vacation and I do not want to stress myself trying to catch up.  I've said that to my sons many times, that there is a big difference between being independent and being dependent, especially when they were beginning to leave home, feeling independent, but yet still dependent on us financially.  I don't think they ever really listened to me.  They were stubborn, especially one more than the others, just not seeing what he was doing to his mother.  I am sure God sees me as the same way, giving me independence through free will, but dependence upon Him always, wondering why I am stubborn in seeing the difference and acting accordingly.  Our freedom does not mean we are not also anchored at the same time.  I can see a layout now with an anchor and a rope flying free, can't you?

For this week, the theme of "honor" is to honor each other, respect, and accept each other, correcting with gentleness, and encouraging and building up one another.  All of this is true and a good read and something to contemplate on throughout the week.  However, I did my layout sticking to just the verse.  I decided not to do the verses 4-6 because I wanted to save them for a different bible journaling layout.  So I did verses 7-9 which does include fellowship, which could include honoring each other, but I actually found the verse only speaks of fellowship with Christ.  I did tuck in "with other believers" at the end of my text anyway and the "reaching beside" to go with the theme of the devotion, but mostly, I was lead a different direction in my study of this Word of God.  That is, on waiting for the revealing of Christ and what we are to do while we wait.  The digital scrapbooking kit I had chosen seemed to fit the waiting theme so well that I went with how I was inspired.

The Digital Art Challenge for the week is to create a page turn utilizing Lesson 86 of Course 2.  I thought I could do it with the frame from the kit and the notebook paper, but it did not work as in the tutorial and I decided to just let it go for now.  I'm struggling enough to get motivated to do the layout and bible journaling, not feeling too inspired.  However, I do really like how the final layout turned out.  I am happy with my time today with the Lord in bible study.


Shonna Bucaroff said…
This is lo lovely!!!
Tricia Berg said…
I like your page and the last line of your post is my favorite. :)

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