Blogging July 8 & 9

Wednesday was the last vacation day for me from work and I spent it at home recuperating from our busy trip and decompressing.  I did manage to unpack, but hubby had done most of the unpacking.  He is an active machine!  He had to go back to work today, so I got some quiet time at home.  The girls (dogs) did cling to me the entire day.  I mostly spent many hours going through my many photos and videos to choose those I wanted to include in a composite video of our vacation, numbering them in order.  I used three cameras (my phone, my Canon dSLR, and Olympus water camera) and needed to compile the three into chronological order.  At the end of the day, I began editing photos.  I also spent time catching up online in emails, website, and various other things.  I also wasted time being sidetracked by a new-to-me t.v. service and the techy of how to set it up on my computer.  There was also time spent deadheading flowers in the yard and surveying damage control.

In the evening, we watched The Last of the Mohicans which we had rented on Amazon.  We wanted to watch it because much of the movie was filmed at locations where we had traveled and we did recognize those places in the movie, for the most part.

On Thursday, I returned to work where I had a lot of catching up to do.  It was a busy day.  Before work I finished editing the photos and began putting everything together in Windows Movie Maker.  I had to splice some of the videos to make the movie shorter, as well as to begin adding captions.
These yellow flowers were blooming when we returned home.  I failed to cut them back so they would be shorter and they are nearly as tall as our gutter.  We have some in the back yard too.

After work, we went to Kmart to pick up a few things, but most especially milk so we could make dinner.  There is no food in the house and we will have to grocery shop this weekend.  Ria made a scene and did not want me to leave.  I worked on editing the video some more, but grew tired, so we watched some Big Brother as we are behind and went to bed.

Two nights in a row the tornado alarms have gone off on our phones, I logged in to the local news only to hear the storm was heading across the river into Illinois, and then the tornado sirens went off.  Both times the storm had passed before we got a warning.  What good is that?  My trust in the alarm is dwindling which is not a good thing for the future when it may be actually accurate and timely.


Mary Brack said…
Sounds like you had a good vacation, Hummie!

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