Don't say 'No' to the Lord when He says 'Go'

Moses politely says "no" to the Lord in verse 10, looking at his weakness of speech.

How often do I get down and depressed because I feel inadequate? I feel a failure more than a success. I feel alone in my tasks and my paths in this world. Of course, other people dragging me down below my already bottomless stage only makes me feel more weak.

I want to quit. I give up inside.

But it is when I am down that low that I surrender to God and He promises me in verse 11 that He is the Lord and giver of all and can make anything possible. When I want to give up and fold to my weaknesses, it is God there holding me up and giving me the strength and ability to conquer my failings. Only He can do this for me.

By Hummie


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VJ's Scrap Room said…
Good morning:)
I came by yesterday to THANK YOU so much for stopping by when for some timed out..or whatever you call it and wouldn't let me back on your site.?? I could go to other blogs etc..but it wouldn't let me come here. Don't ask...cause I am not that smart.hehe
THANK YOU sooo much for stopping by and leaving a sweet comment for me.I was soo pleasantly surprised!!:)
I saw a quote the other day and it goes right along with this post.
"God doesn't call the QUALIFIED...he QUALIFIES the called.":)I agree with you..if God calls you ..don't say no.:)
Hope you have a FANTASTIC weekend my friend!!:)

VJ's Scrap Room said…
I can do ALL things THROUGH Christ who GIVES me STRENGTH.:)
Tara D said…
Well said!

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