Hummies Classes/Challenges Bi-Weekly Round-Up July 10, 2015

AH..........the best laid plans...

This was ready on Friday.  Really, I'm not kidding.  Ready to post and set to come to you.  Then one of my besties calls and she's broken her leg.  RACE to ER; it's a pretty major ankle fracture.  Thus begins my new, temporary life as a part-time chauffeur.  

Here is your "sort of" Bi-Weekly Round-Up

INSPIRATION!!! Isn't it true that sometimes we just NEED to have someone point out the way?!? Happens to me all the time. Sometimes I get my inspiration from the people I'm with, sometimes it's from the music I'm listening to. But quite often, WORDS are what inspire me. I find that during my darkest hours, words give me comfort. During the happiest of moments, words can make me laugh (sometimes to the point of crying). What a great opportunity we have that there's a class right at Hummie's World that provides us quotes to spark our creativity and get the juices flowing. CHECK IT OUT!


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